To Be Ourselves

“Strive to stand out for pioneers do not blend with those who were not brave enough to lead the way.”

With Just A Few Strokes

I looked at my fingers, and I beheld their beauty.  Individually designed, with a great duty.  These digits were created to create, a prolific task.  Their assignment matching their Creator, wasn’t too much to ask. So  I admired their charm and I touched each indention.  Creation was on my mind, love was my intention.  As…


God and I are on a journey that’s destined for eternity.

The Creator Of Intimacy

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- Today, I wanted to ponder with you about the importance of intimacy.  We all yearn for emotional intimacy, a deep cord of trust between ourselves and another.  Emotional intimacy creates a sense of acceptance, desire and pure joy.  When we connect with someone on a deeper level we…

Life- Changing Love

Happy 1 year anniversary to this blog. Post explains why I started blogging and the results of this journey, searching for what we call love.