A Name Change


Hello Authentic Lovers!

I am so sorry that I am just now getting the opportunity to write, I’ve been working all day and I just got the time to sit and write.  I was in prayer this evening when the Holy Spirit began to minister to me about name changes.  Names are super significant according to scripture, what a person is named usually reflect their purpose on the earth.  This is why names are so important.

I was sitting on the floor in the midst of church and the Lord said “I call you by name.  You shall no longer be called Satan’s whore, but you are My lover, My wife.” I sat and I cried because even though I was free from sin, I carried the residue of my past on me.  A person could look upon me and see what I had came out of, but by God acknowledging the changing of my name- He was also letting me know that I had changed as a person.

Sometimes we need a name change. A change from sinner to saint; from depressed to happy; from broken to whole.  We need God to change our lives and to make a new and He does that even down to our name.

I cried like a baby but now my heart is at peace because I belong to God and He belongs to me.  This love relationship that we have is eternal and His love for me endures forever.

Let Him change your name. 

Until next time. .

Mo 🙂

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