Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Have you ever looked at someone and it seemed like that person was glowing? Like they had light radiating from the inside of them? 

Well gang… That is how I want to be, I want to glow. I want the light of Christ to radiate out of me and for people to be drawn to my presence. The drawing won’t be because of anything that I’ved done per se but because of the person living on the inside of me- His light would make me glow. I think this glowing is what makes one beautiful. Yes some have beauty that are genetically in their favor, yes some are amazing with makeup but this beauty and glow I seem to see in my own life is not one’s body being beautiful but actually the beauty of one’s spirit and soul.

I want to radiate Christ in everything I do because in Him lies true beauty. 

I want to glow! 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

P.S. Will you glow with me?

A Good Friday Prayer Vigil

As we remember the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to take an hour that evening to pray for our brothers and sisters in the faith who are being persecuted. All around the world, men and women are being asked to deny their belief in exchange for their lives. Let’s come together as a body of believers and pray for these individuals and their families.

April 3, 2015 from 7- 8 PM EST

In order to join this prayer vigil, call 1-712-775-7031. The ID # 514134476.

Join me as our voices are raised to heaven on the behalf of those dear to us.

“The prayers of the righteous availeth much …” James 5:16

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Watch Your Attitude

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

I was trying to decide if I wanted to blog today, being that it is my day of rest but I noticed something that has rubbed me the wrong way. The problem is that I see this among fellow ” Christians, ” those who are supposedly filled with the love of God.  I was talking to the Lord today about how I’ve been getting beat up emotionally and verbally by my fellow brothers and sisters.  The attitudes of those I’ve encountered this weekend, if I was not a Christian would make me not come to Christ.  This saddened me because I am a Christian, so for me to even think that way disturbed me.  So by the title of this post, you can sense where I am going.  If you profess Christianity of to be any kind of follower of Christ, I kindly remind you to watch your attitude and how you speak to people.  We are to love those around us, love and compassion is supposed to be the differentiating factor between us and the world.  How are we different, if we don’t love?  If we aren’t kind or hold any ounce of compassion within us?  Those who hold compassion truly emulate Christ, because even when he passes judgement- it is still in love.  Our attitudes can be the determining factor on whether someone comes to know Christ or not.  We have to be careful on how we project Christ to the world, especially those in spiritual leadership.  Sarcasm, rude speech, negative talk is not a characteristic of God. He is never intentionally mean and hateful towards us.  Nor is he ever “nice-nasty”, getting us “told” without thought.   That is not who God is…. and those who project Him that way, haven’t taken the time to truly know Him.  Y’all I’ve been guilty of using these tactics but as i come to know Him, i realize that my attitude is very important.  Sometimes, you have to sacrifice being right to keep the peace in your environment.  I learned that you don’t always have to get the last word nor do you always have to confront people on what they’ve done.  Instead, go to God and ask Him to handle the situation- I rather Him handle it than for me to compromise my witness even for a second.  We are all works in progress, myself included- so I encourage you guys to keep at it.  Don’t let others immaturity skew your image of God and your budding relationship with Him,  Be the bigger person and God will cause everything to work out for you.  Watch Your Attitude!!!!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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To Be Reunited

To be reunited with the Lover of My Soul

to be made whole

in a single moment

a simple gesture of atonement

the residue removed of my past sin

To be enveloped into the arms of my Love

to look at his beautiful face above

my own

bone of my bone

His soul and mine tied from within.

My lips curl into a smile

I long for just a little while

to be in the same room as him

through thick and thin

we’ve journey through life together

nothing can come and tether

this love that we share

His heart knows my cares

and we long to be in the same room

sharing the closeness of a tomb

confined in a space smaller than our hearts

love painted on canvases of art

We long for our reunion

one that goes beyond our soul’s communion

that we acknowledge everyday

forever we long to stay

in the arms of one another

with love stronger than a child has for their mother

we the bridegroom and the bride long to start

a life where we never have to be apart.

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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To Be Known For Our Love

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

I just got in from a hectic day; filled with surprises, tasks and just the mundane routines of life. It was a day that kept me on my toes but I am now exhausted.  I am so tired and I’m going to enjoy going to bed early.  I just read something interesting that I thought I would share with each of you.

1 John 4:20 says ” Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.”

This provoked a topic of conversation that I wish to invite you my fellow friends into: Christianity and Racism.  I talk to so many people who claim to love God and follow Him, yet they hate others based upon their race/ ethnicity.  I think John makes a great point in that we see people everyday, of different shades of pigment/ complexion but we have yet to have seen God.  If you have seen God, please inbox me – share your experience with me!  Please do, because I long for the day I will reunited with the Lover of My Soul face to face. If I can love God and I haven’t seen him, how can I not love my neighbor who I see everyday.  John calls those who claim to do these contrary things, a liar: one engaging in falsehood.

I am very passionate about the love of God and I believe that God loves everyone.  He loves us whether we are black, white, yellow, brown, purple, blue, etc… He loves the flaws we hate, He simply loves us and He extends this love through the companion of His Son. If I am a Christian, as I say- I follow/believe and obey Jesus Christ.  Christ did not come and die only for a particular racial group- He died for all.  When we get to heaven, we will not be separated, but will have to live in peace and harmony with individuals who do not look like we do: God made it that way to promote love between all men.

So racism and hatred in the Church should not be.  God is a God of love.  He’s a God of judgment but He is love and He loves mankind,even when we don’t love or accept Him.  He loved us so much that He gave everything for us to be able to have a relationship with Him.  Where sin separated us from Him, His love reunited us through the sacrifice of the cross.  Who are my brothers and sisters? Those that do the will of God, regardless of their complexion, language and culture.  Those are my  brothers and sisters.

It’s time for the church to speak out against racism/hatred and to show the world that we are to be known by our love.

Jesus said “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (John 13:35)

How do you know if you are a disciple of Christ? Check your love for those around you….

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Go Your Way And Sin No More

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

Being that today is Freedom Friday, I thought I would address the dangers of entertaining the enemy after your deliverance.  I have been guilty of this, so I can discuss this- but even today I made up my mind that I was no longer going to entertain the demons that held me bound prior to deliverance.  The fact of the matter is: Christ sets us free.  He does, in fact John 8:36 states “Who the Son has set free is free indeed” meaning that once He has set you free, you are without a doubt free.  I think the problem arises when we allow the old things that kept us bound to dictate to us concerning our freedom, and therefore we fall back into the bondage we fought so hard to get out of.  I’m reminded of Jesus in John 5, how he healed the man that was sick for 38 years (he was crippled/paralyzed).  Jesus told the man to take up his bed and to walk.  He then found the man later and said  “You art made whole. Go your way and sin no more, lest something worse come upon you.”  This phrase “Go your way and sin no more” stood out to me because it showed me that the individual( man by the pool of Bethesda) was in the situation that he was in- ultimately because of sin.

 Sin crippled him, Sin paralyzed him, and Sin had this man stuck in a painful place in life for 38 years.

Christ knowing this…approaches and heals this man of his infirmity, but then comes back forgives the sin and warns of the aftermath if the man returns back to that lifestyle.

I think that by Christ coming back and giving that warning, He was so wise.  Think about it.  If my friend was an alcoholic ( had real trouble with alcohol), I would not take him/her to a bar.  Even though they may be strong enough to be in that environment, it would still be foolish of me to have what kept them bound in their vicinity.  Here’s another example, say this man kidnapped me and hid me in his warehouse for a number of years.  He fed me and gave me water but he tortured me and destroyed my self-esteem.  The FBI gets word of my disappearance; they come, find and rescue me from the captivity of this man.  I’m a free agent once again and I began to live life on my own.  But what if, I return back to the one that put me into captivity.  I showed up at the warehouse and I submit to my kidnapper once more, all of you would say that I made a stupid decision.  I would get calls like “HOW COULD YOU?” and “WHY????” and “THE FBI SHOULDN’T HELP YOU THIS TIME.” Some might even call saying “WE HAVE WASTED OUR TIME AND RESOURCES ON YOU.”  That’s just the honest-truth.  The sad part is, we are like the character I portrayed to you tonight. Sin has kidnapped our free will, has bound and tormented us.  So Christ being the awesome person He is, He comes like the FBI- He finds, rescue and sets us free.  The kicker is: WE RETURN BACK TO OUR SIN!!!!.  Does God the Son complain?  No.  Does He view us as a waste of time and resources? No. In fact, He rescues us again and again.  But why live in bondage, when you can be free?  Why live in this victim mentality, when you can be victorious? WHY???

So this evening, I whisper to you the same words that Jesus whispered to me : “You are made whole- Your sins are forgiven. Go your way and sin no more, lest something worse come upon you.”

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

P.S. For more passages of scripture regarding this subj, Check out : John 8: 1-11; Hebrews 12:1-2, Romans 12: 1-2, Galatians 5:1, and etc.  There are many more about staying in the liberty of Christ.  If you have any questions: feel free to email me @, you can tweet or DM me @framesofdust8 or you can message me on our Facebook page:  I ❤ you guys so much; stay encouraged!

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Christian In Title Only

Hello Authentic Lovers

If you are new to the Authentic Love family, welcome!  It’s nice to meet you all and I look forward to sharing with you.

Today’s topic of choice is a hard one to swallow but is something that is necessary to mention, especially with the condition of the world we live in.  I have been hesitant to discuss this subject but after much prayer and renewed confidence in God- I decided that telling the truth was more important than how others felt about me addressing that said truth.  I think I am learning to embrace that what others think about me is not as important as what God thinks and His purpose for my life.

I was studying a few verses in Luke, Luke 6:37-49 to be exact, but it was the 46th verse that really stuck out to me.

Jesus said “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?”

This verse really stuck out to me because it solidified my belief that faith produces change.  The thing about Christianity is that it is supposed to be a relationship with Jesus Christ, not a popularity contest or something to push one’s own ambition.  This faith in Jesus Christ is reflected in what we do: how we treat others and how we change our world. Think about it- Love is an action word.  It’s a verb, it’s something you do.  It’s the same with this relationship with Christ, it’s something you do.  It becomes apart of you, like your next breath and your life is supposed to change.

I guess the concern I have with modern Christianity, is the lack of change.  I can be a Christian, according to modern standards, and still live my life the same way I did before I gave my heart to Christ.  It’s like being a Christian is a label I can put on and off when I go to church or want to pass judgment on someone else.  Modern Christianity= being a Christian in title only.  It is not the desire of God that men only know about Him but it is His will that we come to really know Him ( for who He is.)  When you come to know people you change, especially if you love that person romantically.  You come to love the things they love and hate the things they hate.  You come to really value their opinion and want the best for them.  You come to want to spend time with that person and see them happy. Love makes you do these things.  Love is real.

This type of Christianity is not real and very misleading…Christ came so that we may change, out of a lifestyle of sin into victory.  Christ did not come so that we remain bound to things and defeated.  If that was the case, why serve God?  Why believe that someone who you have never met, loved you so much to die for you?  Why believe in this love if you are going to live a defeated life?  If nothing is supposed to change? We are supposed to change and to change the world around us through the saving knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

So today being that it is #FreedomFriday, I want to encourage you to reevaluate your relationship with God.  Are you truly a Christian? Or just one in title only?  You do what other Christians do but you do not have a relationship with Christ .  You go to church, but you don’t know God.  You do nice things and you have good morals, yet God is not the first and foremost important person in your life.  Our love for God shows in how we live our lives- like all labels, after awhile they fall off and reveal who we truly are.  

I want to encourage you all to come to know Jesus for yourself. If we’re going to carry His name, we should know him – right?  So get to really know Jesus Christ and I can guarantee a lifetime of adventure, laughter, and purpose.  

I love you all ❤

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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A Name Change

Hello Authentic Lovers!

I am so sorry that I am just now getting the opportunity to write, I’ve been working all day and I just got the time to sit and write.  I was in prayer this evening when the Holy Spirit began to minister to me about name changes.  Names are super significant according to scripture, what a person is named usually reflect their purpose on the earth.  This is why names are so important.

I was sitting on the floor in the midst of church and the Lord said “I call you by name.  You shall no longer be called Satan’s whore, but you are My lover, My wife.” I sat and I cried because even though I was free from sin, I carried the residue of my past on me.  A person could look upon me and see what I had came out of, but by God acknowledging the changing of my name- He was also letting me know that I had changed as a person.

Sometimes we need a name change. A change from sinner to saint; from depressed to happy; from broken to whole.  We need God to change our lives and to make a new and He does that even down to our name.

I cried like a baby but now my heart is at peace because I belong to God and He belongs to me.  This love relationship that we have is eternal and His love for me endures forever.

Let Him change your name. 

Until next time. .

Mo 🙂

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Merry Christmas!

Hello Authentic Lovers

I hope that you have a fantastic day celebrating the birth of Christ.  I love Christmas songs, but my ultimate favorite tune to sing is ” The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole.  What is your favorite Christmas song? Feel free to share that song with me below!  I pray that this Christmas is the best one yet 🙂

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Grace Overload

Hello Authentic Lovers!

Something heavy has been on my heart since I woke up this morning.  God has been dealing with me about the condition of the church, the body of Christ.  I thought I would share my thoughts with you and hopefully you’ll hear me out.  To tell you the truth, I am slightly displeased with the condition of the church. My spirit is saddened by what I am seeing and I hope things get better soon.  One of the things I am really disheartened by is this belief that because one is a Christian, he/she does not need a sense of discipline.  It’s like as soon as I say yes to Jesus, I am free to be wild and unruly- operating opposite of what is taught in the Word of God.  This belief is so upsetting  because to me (if I looked at it from a non-believer’s perspective) it makes God look so dumb, like He is really stupid- which is not the case.  I listen to the things I hear some Christian leaders say and I am like “Why?”.  We say things sometimes that make our all-powerful God look very small and helpless.  Lately, it’s been – because I have grace:  I don’t have to work in my relationship with God.  It just happens and He does all the work for me.  What?  Why wouldn’t someone have to put effort in a relationship?  Because of Grace? Well…I disagree with this statement and here’s why:

Grace is God’s unmerited favor, freely given to us by Jesus Christ.  What is favor? it is an attitude of approval or liking…an act of kindness beyond what is due or usual.  So basically grace is God liking an individual and performing an act of kindness towards them for free.  That is what grace is.  So the fact that Jesus died for humanity and therefore offers salvation free of charge so that we can be in relationship with the Father is grace.  This is why we are saved by grace, because our salvation costed us nothing.  So grace gave us the opportunity to have a relationship with God, not the tools to maintain that relationship.  When I hear, “I can live any kind of way and do things that is not pleasing to God because I have grace,” that irks me because it shows me the ignorance that lies in Christendom today.  Paul says in Romans 6:1-2 “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” He’s basically saying that just because I have grace doesn’t mean I live a lifestyle of sin.  Grace was created to make us free not keep us bound in sin.  So when someone use grace as their excuse for living a life that is not pleasing to God, it makes my spirit cringe.

Secondly, I don’t understand why as Christians we do not believe that we have to  live a lifestyle of discipline.  Yes, discipline.  No we are not under the law, but we should live a lifestyle that helps us to maintain our spot in this race of Salvation. We are running a race to receive a crown of life, basically we want to see Jesus one day so we are on a path to do so: a race.  I studied all of the other major world religions: Buddhism, Hinduism , Islam, and Judaism.  Do you know the one thing all of these religions apart from Christianity all have in common? They all have an element of discipline.  Whether its meditation/chanting, prayer 5 times a day, reading of their sacred text or even their food/dietary needs- these religions have a sense of discipline.  Am I saying that these religions got everything right? No. not at all but I do think that they got this element right in their lifestyle, and that is why I have a sense of admiration for them.  If we are in a race, wouldn’t we condition for the race?  Say I am running a marathon in Central Park, NYC.  It’s my first marathon.  Would I wake up the day of the marathon and just run? Would I win? Or would I get up months in advance and condition my body for the race? Would I change my dietary habits for the race?  Would I be disciplined? A majority of you guys would say, “duh Simone- of course you would condition.” “Of course, you would eat right and train hard,duh”  These responses would be common sense. So why do we make God sound so stupid when we eliminate this element from our lives by disguising it under grace?  When we don’t live a disciplined life, we tell the world that the Holy Spirit inside of us has no sense of self-control, even though He is the author of it.  Again, it sounds stupid-doesn’t it?.  God is self-control and therefore self-control/discipline should be evident in our lives.   If we are going to win this race so that we can receive our crown of life, we have to discipline our walk with God.  We need to spend time in prayer and in the Word of God, that’s our fuel for the race. We have to love others and serve our community, that’s our exercise regime.  We have to live being filled with the Holy Spirit, so that we can have energy and stamina.  We need to be disciplined in a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.  We have to live this way in order to win the grand prize.  The grace of God allowed everyone to freely enter the race, but we have to do our part to stay in the race.

Think about it, what if you was in a relationship with someone who put no effort into you?  They didn’t put any effort into spending time with you?  They didn’t put any effort into hearing/learning your words? They didn’t put any effort in the activities they did with you?  You put all your effort and love into them and they put none into you.  Many, myself included, would say that this relationship is unhealthy and therefore should be terminated, but this is how some of our relationships with God look.  He has placed all of himself into a relationship with us and yet we only put ourselves halfway into a relationship with Him, it’s unhealthy and it’s not fair.  Relationships take effort and it’s this effort that brings about beauty.

Grace is good but when used the wrong way it becomes a crutch for staying in sin when Christ has come so that we be free from sin.  True freedom stems from self-control.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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