To Be Reunited


To be reunited with the Lover of My Soul

to be made whole

in a single moment

a simple gesture of atonement

the residue removed of my past sin

To be enveloped into the arms of my Love

to look at his beautiful face above

my own

bone of my bone

His soul and mine tied from within.

My lips curl into a smile

I long for just a little while

to be in the same room as him

through thick and thin

we’ve journey through life together

nothing can come and tether

this love that we share

His heart knows my cares

and we long to be in the same room

sharing the closeness of a tomb

confined in a space smaller than our hearts

love painted on canvases of art

We long for our reunion

one that goes beyond our soul’s communion

that we acknowledge everyday

forever we long to stay

in the arms of one another

with love stronger than a child has for their mother

we the bridegroom and the bride long to start

a life where we never have to be apart.

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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