Triggers.  Those things that bring you back to that dark place, you swore you’ll never return.  Triggers. The thing about them is that you can take control over them or your can let them control you.  Life is full of reminders of disappointment, pain, fears and etc.  But what do you do with these things?  Triggers used to take me to a depressive state, setting me up for a lifestyle of sin. Every time I fell into the sin of porn or any other sin, there was a trigger that created the pathway.  That trigger could have been stress, anxiety, worry, depression, or just a plain feeling of being overwhelmed,  Either way, there was a trigger.  I sense a trigger of stress and anxiety trying to rear it’s ugly head tonight- telling me that God didn’t care about my needs nor was He concerned with what I was going through.  I had a choice to fall into the power of those triggers or to overcome them.  Good thing, I had a good friend present who wouldn’t let me leave her car without praying with me  She prayed and eased my mind of those tiny triggers, those things that come to trip us up and make us fall.  So tonight, I ask you- what are your triggers?  Do you have power over them or do they have power over you?

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

“Resist the Devil and he will flee from you…” James 4: 7

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