I Desire To Forget

Some may state that this notion of forgiveness encompassing the ability to forget is not feasible, I state that in order to truly forgive, forgetting is necessary.


I was home…and you wasn’t near.

Blessings in Disguise

If we viewed negative situations differently, we would see the blessings beckoning us to enjoy their presence….

Full Circle

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-  So…as summer approaches and my time here in my hometown comes to an end, I feel like my life is coming to a full circle.  Many of us pray for second chances in life, but few of us rarely get that chance.  Sometimes, God allows a twist…

Another Blog, Another Opportunity

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- So I did something reckless yesterday…I actually acted upon what was laid on my heart and created another blog.  This blog however is a strictly poetry blog that centers around my time spent asking God some of those real questions in life.  The blog is called “Musings…

I Spy

Originally posted on Authentic Love: God, Relationships, and Life:
“I Spy” I sit and wait for you. I sit and I wait… Time stands still- Hours, minutes and seconds…slow to nothingness… Nothing at all. You see me, I see you. It’s our little game of “I spy”. I spy with my little eye, Who could…

Essence Of Eternity

I took a split moment and thought about eternity, the idea of me waking up each moment in the presence of God. That moment blew my mind and caused me to look at my life now in a different way…..