Dear Future Husband

I was fashioned after my mother Eve, wrapped in her beauty- detailed in her love…

I Will Wait

I rather wait on God than make mistakes in my anxiousness

Purpose Can Never Be Replaced

I just want to rock your world Forgive me as I try To be the only girl You think of as time goes by I know I have a quality One many “rarely” possess The most amazing ability To be more than how I dress This crazy confidence within Make proposals more likely Some say…

I Love You

“Yes I will /When all the earth stands still/And the wonder of the sea begins to cease /and the world ponders if there is still peace /I will still love you “

Mr. Future

Hey Mr. Future, It’s me…the present waiting to meet you waiting to greet you waiting for love Hey Mr. Future, It’s me… here & now  seeking to see you seeking to know you seeking to discover Hey Mr, Future, It’s me…reality longing to learn you longing to love you longing to feel Hey Mr. Future,…

Who Am I?

The question of identity is a beautiful thing