Our Earthly Concern

So… I am in the process,

of becoming great…

Or so I think, as I reflect on the harsh realities of the world.

I am striving not to become one of those average girls,

who basically take what’s being given to them.

As radical as it seems, I am trying not to fall at the seams

of a patterned world determined to unravel our hope.

Once upon a time, I spoke.

I spoke about the injustice I see,

because on the daily there are people who hate me and barely

take the opportunity to look past my dark shade.

Some call it racism, some call it hate.

I call it innate- being that since birth we’ve been categorized.

Labels have been our demise,

yet we sing a song of everything is going to be alright.

Which is true.

But riddle me this, how many labels have been found on you?

I used to think that the “isms” would destroy the world,

but instead it will be little boys and little girls.

Their words will do the destructive work instead,

letters of taught misogyny, bigotry and discrimination bound to spread.

But take heart and  remember that in history a man bled,

to capture the world in pure love and peace.

He was whipped, he was beaten for you and me.

So I am sorry if this piece is something with which you do not agree.

But, life is too short to bite my tongue because of your degree.

I am at a place where I want to see change on the horizon,

I am at a place where I want to see the fulfillment of Zion-

that city on the hill shining its light boldly.

That is the world I pursue after wholly.

So with opinions aside and truth in turn,

may love become our earthly concern.

©Simone Holloway, 2016

FIC: https://www.splcenter.org/sites/default/files/SPLC-Publications-Ten-Ways-to-Fight-Hate-1280×720.jpg


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