The Call For Salvation

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I received this message in my email that I thought I would share from you.  This email was sent from Neil Vermillion and I thought that what he had to say this morning was great, it expressed God’s heart to bring salvation. Disclaimer: *The speech of the text is written in the format of God speaking to humanity.* I believe we have men and women among us that are prophets, mouthpieces of God- speaking to humanity God’s heart, will and intentions.  So here it goes!

“At times I speak in riddles, in symbols, in pictures, in mysteries. And everyone demands an answer, demands an interpretation. But where have you been in years prior? Why have you been so distant until this day? Why do you not respond to the tender, soft, and gentle voice in which I speak? Why do you ignore these, and why is that you will only turn your ear when catastrophe and calamity come to your neighbor’s door?

For so long I have called out to you, and so long I have remained patient. And still, even today I remain patient. But let me encourage you, do not delay. Do not hesitate to come to me, to know me, to love me, to allow yourself to be changed. For these matters are important, and you so easily trade important, for that which is unimportant. And still you do not listen.

But my love for you is great. My commitment to you is great. My faithfulness to you is great. And I will redeem. I will restore. I will rescue, and I will save. In spite of mistakes, rebellion, and deception, I have come to save. I have come to restore the breach, to repair the broken fences, and to heal. So though you find yourself on the wrong side of the fence, trust in my goodness and in my heart save, for it is still not too late.

Regardless of the mistakes of your past, my redemption is so much greater. Regardless of how you have lived, I can save. So step out from where you are, and engage your heart with mine. I will not turn you away, but will embrace you as my very own. I will welcome you with arms wide open, standing and looking from a far distance waiting for your return to me.

And when you come, I will not shame you, or reject you. I will wash and cleanse you. I will give you fine garments and new shoes. I will put a crown upon your head, and a ring upon your finger. We will sit and dine together. And you will be filled and my joy will surround you on every side.

So trust in my heart for you, because my love for you is great. My desire to rescue is great. My patience is great. So come to me, and do not delay. For I will not turn you away, but will welcome you with my arms wide open.”

So, no matter where you are right now in life- God is extending himself to you!  Please comment below with your thoughts and hopefully, I will speak to you all soon!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Bullet Infections

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I’m so sorry to post so late, I’ve been trying to avoid spilling my true feelings on this here blog- but what can I say: Here we are.  Tonight’s post is appropriately titled “Bullet Infections” because I believe some of us are suffering in our hearts with this very issue. I’I think there comes a time in our lives where we experience pain, some stronger than others- but still again pain.  It’s like we are hit with bullets that we can either choose to address or pretend that we were never hit.  I think I lived a life filled with pretending, pretending that things did not bother me.  I spent a lifetime pretending that I didn’t have a broken heart or that I never faced serious rejection, when in fact I did.

I was in prayer today when I realized that I was once again- not treating the bullet that hit me in the heart, therefore causing my heart to be infected with all kinds of things such as fear, bitterness, resentment and etc.  We cannot move forward until we deal with our hurt and pain.  Here’s the deal fam: I care for someone who has proven not to care about me.  This person speaks of their care for me and mutual respect but yet slaps me in the face with rejection on a consistent basis.  The last time I was rejected, I said- “Oh I don’t care.  It doesn’t bother me.” But in all honesty, it did and I caused me to question everything even my relationship with God.  When a seed of rejection is sown, that thing has to be uprooted or it’ll sprout  something horrendous and open the door to the Enemy to run havoc in one’s heart.

I was infected, because instead of removing the bullet from my heart- I did not acknowledge it and therefore the wound got infected.  Wounds need care to heal!  I needed my heart to heal and that started with me acknowledging that something was wrong.  We need to acknowledge that something is wrong in order to become better.  So this evening, I’m healing and as I heal -I know that I will be able to help others in their healing journey.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Character Flaws

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

We’re coming close to the top of the hour and I thought I would share some of my evening thoughts with you.  There is this pattern in spiritual leadership where we glorify talent and charisma over character.  I don’t know if you noticed but it seems that we have individuals in leadership that possess some major character flaws.  These individuals have all of the spiritual gifts but lack integrity, cannot be respectful, and cannot be submissive to authority.  It is these same individuals that wonder why things in their lives seem to never truly change.  I think that God cares about our character, more so than what we think.  He wants us to be a great example to not only the church but to the world as well.

Here’s the kicker– the loved one you’re trying to win to Christ is not looking at how well you speak in tongues…but rather your character. How well do you treat the waiter/waitress when you guys are out to dinner? Do you tip them well. as they deserve?  Do you pay your taxes? On time?  Do you treat those who have rule over you with mutual respect and honor?  Realizing that submission does not rob you of your rights as an individual but builds the character within you to be trusted with more?

I think we need to sit back and say: Are we truly ready to be leaders ? Or do we  need more development time? Because if we need more time to build our character, we can do that- no one is pushing us into anything we are not ready for.  Maturity says “I’ll take time to build my character, before I lead anyone into character development.” Immaturity says, “I’m perfection and I have no need to check that thing that is within me.”  Immaturity breeds destruction and destructive patterns…

Are we mature or immature? And the only way to tell is through our actions towards others.

This evening gang, get rid of your character flaws before you make an opinion about anyone else’s  flaws.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Christianity Is Not A Prison

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I think there has been a misconception about Christianity, the Church and it’s relation to the Kingdom and the World.  I think we have convinced ourselves that once we enter into the fold of the church, we have accepted some long prison sentence that we are mandated to suffering and hard labor.  That is not the case.  A relationship with Christ is not to be viewed as this impending doom but rather to be viewed as an escape from the prison we are trapped to on this earth.  I hear my fellow Christians witness to non believers and if I wasn’t in Christ, I wouldn’t want to come to Christ either.  Why do we present a living God in such a dead way?  We present the God of freedom in this image of bondage and condemnation and then echo that “who the Son sets free is free indeed…” Free to do what?  Free to complain about how bad service to God truly is??

This attitude and mindset makes coming to God a turn off.  God desperately wants a relationship with us, not to make us slaves to His will but rather to lavish us with His love and compassion.  Like all relationships, there are boundaries- there are rules out of mutual respect and that is not bondage, that is sacrifice in the face of love.    Christianity is not a prison, if you do not want to be apart of our family- you can leave!  Yes, we will be sad.  Yes, we will pray for you and your family.  Yes, we will miss you but at the end of the day- you have free will to choose your own life.  Sometimes we make suckage choices but that is apart of life, we need to stop portraying God as this prison guard that traps us once we say yes to Him.  He is not a prison guard but rather a righteous judge that acquits us of our sin because of His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you are a believer and you desire to draw others to Christ, please be careful of the way you present Him.

You are not trapped now that you are apart of the kingdom of God-but au contraire you are free to be more alive than you ever have been before.

Why?  Because the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life (Rom 6:23). You have now been made free to have eternal life and to enjoy the benefits of living fully here on the earth.  You have now been made free to make the right choices, to love with all of your heart , to be filled with joy.  Free to smile, laugh and grow without the shame, guilt and condemnation of sin.  And that my friends, is true freedom!

Christianity is not a prison, sin is. 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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You’ve Proven Yourself

I sit in this chair and gratitude fill my heart

as I start

to remember all that you’ve done for me.

With your loving kindness, I’ve been set free

from the darkness of this world.

I am your girl

your friend

until the very end

I belong to you

and there is nothing that anyone can do

to erase this love .

Sitting high above

all the mess

all the stress

Lord, You have proven yourself.

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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You Are Loved

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

Here is some mid-week inspiration.  I want to remind you guys that you are loved  by the Savior and by me as well.  Happy Hump Day and enjoy the rest of your week!

Yes, oh yeah

When I promised I’d be there
And told you I would always care
Well, I meant every word
And I know it’s hard to let me close
Those times that really hurts the most
I’m trying desperately to be heard

Though you try to push me away
I can feel your sorrow
You don’t have to be afraid

‘Cause you, you are loved, somebody told me to tell you
You’ve been waiting for someone to say
You are loved, so let your heart be encouraged
It’s gonna be okay, ’cause you are loved

No, you’re not alone, you’ve got a friend
To be by your side from the start till the end
And I will always be around for you
So whenever, you began to doubt
Oh, my love for you will show
Just how I’m faithful and that I remain true, oh yeah

No matter what life takes you through
You see I will be the one
That you can always come back to

‘Cause you, you are loved, somebody told me to tell you
You’ve been waiting for someone to say
You are loved, so let your heart be encouraged
It’s gonna be okay, ’cause you are loved

Believe within your heart from this moment on
There’s someone who loves you in a special way
No matter what you do, no matter what you say
Just remember this everyday

You are loved, somebody told me to tell you
You’ve been waiting for someone to say
You are loved, so let your heart be encouraged
It’s gonna be okay, you are

You are loved, somebody told me to tell you
You’ve been waiting for someone to say
You are loved, so let your heart be encouraged
It’s gonna be okay, you are loved
You are loved, yes, you are

Someone told me to tell you
You are loved
Someone told me to say
You are loved

Someone told, somebody told me to tell you
Someone told me to say, you are loved
You gotta believe, you are loved
Someone told me to tell you
Told me to say that you are loved

You are loved, you are loved
Somebody told me to tell you
You are loved, you are loved
You are loved, you are loved

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Bodily Response

my eyes are smiling
my ears are listening
for the song that is your laugh
and I am waiting here in our secret place for you.
my hands are fidgeting
my feet are shaking
as nervous energy absorbs me
and I, trying to remain calm as I sit here in this place- figuring out what to do.
my heart is doing this little dance
my gut is speaking it's piece
as I make one of the biggest decisions of my life
and I decide to try
to love
with you
©Simone Holloway, 2015

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I’m No Longer Waiting…

I think it's funny 

how long it took me to come to this place.

It took me a long time 

to erase the possibility of living life for you. 

To come to decision in my heart 

that said I'm no longer waiting....



or allowing what's going on to exasperate me. 

Or rob me of my peace

my joy 

or my happiness.

To tell you the truth, I'm a hot mess

to think that I've been truly living

breathing in this God-given air with gratitude 

while my attitude turned bitter because you weren't near

or here

with me.  

But tonight, I decided to be free 

from the plagues of living life with you on my mind 

irritated that time is not on our side. 
I'm no longer waiting on you to be alive. 

I decided that whether you came or not

I was going to give life my best shot 

and enjoy what was around me 

I was going to simply be 

content in the skin I was given 

Livin' in my complete purpose, divine destiny 

no longer allowing your absence to hinder me 

I was going to love like never before 

I was going to let my boldness roar 

for itself 

becoming self-confident without needing your help. 

And whether we met here or on the other side- 

I was no longer waiting on you to be alive. 

So when we meet, I might be in this country or not 

I might own a small boat or a yacht.

I might have long hair or continue to rock my short do 

I might be single or I might have a boo.

I could even have a tattoo 

because at the end of the day, I am no longer living for you.  

I am living for me.

I am living to be free.

Living to live again- 

I am living as God's best friend.

So instead of making you the center of my world,

I no longer strive to be your girl-
I strive to be myself and smile more

I'm tired of living life like a bore

In my pursuit after God, I will continue to strive

Because I am no longer waiting on you, to be alive. 

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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There’s something about butterflies

maybe it’s their transformation of beauty

that simply

takes my breath away….

Or maybe,

It’s the fact that when you’re around the one you love

it’s as if 1000 of them are inhabiting your inner being

allowing the one you are seeing

to glow with the beams of perfection

it’s a lovely manifestation

of love covering all faults.

Even now these little reflections

of the glory of God

are causing my heart to flutter at the sight of you…

the beating of their wings match the beating of my heart

and I watch as God paints this work of art

with His ring finger – twining the two

of us.

In a world full of heartache and lies,

darling you cause me to be filled with butterflies.

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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