Character Flaws


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

We’re coming close to the top of the hour and I thought I would share some of my evening thoughts with you.  There is this pattern in spiritual leadership where we glorify talent and charisma over character.  I don’t know if you noticed but it seems that we have individuals in leadership that possess some major character flaws.  These individuals have all of the spiritual gifts but lack integrity, cannot be respectful, and cannot be submissive to authority.  It is these same individuals that wonder why things in their lives seem to never truly change.  I think that God cares about our character, more so than what we think.  He wants us to be a great example to not only the church but to the world as well.

Here’s the kicker– the loved one you’re trying to win to Christ is not looking at how well you speak in tongues…but rather your character. How well do you treat the waiter/waitress when you guys are out to dinner? Do you tip them well. as they deserve?  Do you pay your taxes? On time?  Do you treat those who have rule over you with mutual respect and honor?  Realizing that submission does not rob you of your rights as an individual but builds the character within you to be trusted with more?

I think we need to sit back and say: Are we truly ready to be leaders ? Or do we  need more development time? Because if we need more time to build our character, we can do that- no one is pushing us into anything we are not ready for.  Maturity says “I’ll take time to build my character, before I lead anyone into character development.” Immaturity says, “I’m perfection and I have no need to check that thing that is within me.”  Immaturity breeds destruction and destructive patterns…

Are we mature or immature? And the only way to tell is through our actions towards others.

This evening gang, get rid of your character flaws before you make an opinion about anyone else’s  flaws.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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