Christianity Is Not A Prison


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I think there has been a misconception about Christianity, the Church and it’s relation to the Kingdom and the World.  I think we have convinced ourselves that once we enter into the fold of the church, we have accepted some long prison sentence that we are mandated to suffering and hard labor.  That is not the case.  A relationship with Christ is not to be viewed as this impending doom but rather to be viewed as an escape from the prison we are trapped to on this earth.  I hear my fellow Christians witness to non believers and if I wasn’t in Christ, I wouldn’t want to come to Christ either.  Why do we present a living God in such a dead way?  We present the God of freedom in this image of bondage and condemnation and then echo that “who the Son sets free is free indeed…” Free to do what?  Free to complain about how bad service to God truly is??

This attitude and mindset makes coming to God a turn off.  God desperately wants a relationship with us, not to make us slaves to His will but rather to lavish us with His love and compassion.  Like all relationships, there are boundaries- there are rules out of mutual respect and that is not bondage, that is sacrifice in the face of love.    Christianity is not a prison, if you do not want to be apart of our family- you can leave!  Yes, we will be sad.  Yes, we will pray for you and your family.  Yes, we will miss you but at the end of the day- you have free will to choose your own life.  Sometimes we make suckage choices but that is apart of life, we need to stop portraying God as this prison guard that traps us once we say yes to Him.  He is not a prison guard but rather a righteous judge that acquits us of our sin because of His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you are a believer and you desire to draw others to Christ, please be careful of the way you present Him.

You are not trapped now that you are apart of the kingdom of God-but au contraire you are free to be more alive than you ever have been before.

Why?  Because the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life (Rom 6:23). You have now been made free to have eternal life and to enjoy the benefits of living fully here on the earth.  You have now been made free to make the right choices, to love with all of your heart , to be filled with joy.  Free to smile, laugh and grow without the shame, guilt and condemnation of sin.  And that my friends, is true freedom!

Christianity is not a prison, sin is. 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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  1. This is absolutlely amazing. Speak, preach in Jesus name. ♡

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    1. Mo says:

      Thank you! Keep me in your prayers. ❤


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