An Evident Shift

If only we would endure…then we would see the hand of God moving in our lives.

Invisible Hands

We need air to be alive, yet we will never touch an air particle in our lifetime.

An Orange Tombstone

Peering into the portals of the past… 9/15/12- “Don’t  forget…” An orange glossed ticket stands between hope and disappointment, as my heart broke at the sound of your empty presence. Ricocheting previous trust  issues, crashing the building of acceptance I built for only you. My walls bare with guards became surrounded, my emotional SWAT team…

Leave it in 2015

Eight minutes left. Eight minutes left until you get another chance at a brand new start. Eight single minutes. Friends, social media fam and those who have yet gotten the chance to know me, my last thoughts of 2015 are as such- “If it is not good for your spirit,and good for your soul; leave…