Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽

Hello all- I pray that each of you have a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, laughter and endless joy. I love each of you and I’m truly grateful that you all chose to journey through life with me! Thank you so much, Simone

I’m No Longer Waiting…

Too often we live our lives based on the opinions, considerations, expectations and actions of others. WE are not called to live based on the lives of others, but we are called to have an adventure with our own lives and to live to the fullness of our God-given destiny. We have to come alive, whether those around us choose to do so or not.

Awkward Family Gatherings

Hello Authentic Lovers! Hey y’all!  I hope that you guys are having a great Thanksgiving holiday, I am too-kinda….. Well, you see- I am at the most awkward Thanksgiving holiday gathering to date.  I’m at my mom’s parents house and all of her family and even though we live in the same state, we aren’t…

I Dodged A Bullet

Things could have been bad, good thing I had the sense to leave when I did.

Be At Peace

We worry about everything; our kids, our jobs, our homes, our vehicles, whether or not someone loves us, our marriages, and our place in the world. We are a people of perpetual worrying, but today I say to you- “Be at peace…”

With Thanksgiving

Today, I say thanks! Thank you for following me and for taking time to read this blog. I appreciate all of you, may God be with you all as you endeavor to live life to the fullest.