Be Careful Little Mouths What You Say

Not too long ago, I had a friend that was notorious for saying things he did not mean. Notorious for it! He would schedule things with me and wouldn’t show up. He would tell me he had my back and wouldn’t be there for me when I needed him the most. He would tell me that he cared about me but his actions proved something else. His words said one thing but his actions spoke of a different tale, a tale of dishonesty, fakeness, and plain insincerity.

It was through these experiences that I learned about the power of words.  They have power to build you up or tear you down especially when they are disingenuous. I built a wall because of his actions. A wall  that I have been  trying to tear down for the past 3 years, one I’m trying to tear down even today.\
This is how I feel. If you have nothing nice to say: SHUTUP! If you have no intentions of following through with what you say: SHUTUP! If you don’t mean the words that come out of your mouth: SHUTUP!  I rather you say nothing than destroy someone with your misleading, negative, destroying words. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that life and death is in the power of our tongue… This means that there’s power in our words. I would rather see you live life in silence than to destroy someone with what you say or do.  Sometimes our actions are the loudest things speaking in our lives.

Girls don’t play a bunch of games with guys by telling them you’re into things that you’re not. Guys don’t tell girls that you’re going to call them and then don’t, follow through with your commitments. I rather a man never tell me he’s going to call than to be expecting a phone call that I’m never going to receive.  Be honest, be real! Be careful little mouths what you say.


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