Today was an interesting day, it was a great day!  Today for the first time in a long time, I felt on top of the world.  I felt like I could conquer anything.  Today was my day to conquer. I made it to class semi-on time and I learned something new.  I finished all of my homework for the next day, made it to a meeting concerning my new job and I even found time to write this post, today was definitely the day of conquering.

 It’s interesting how we have days of victory and days of defeat, how we have days of ups and days of downs, and how we have days of belief and trust in God and days of doubt and unbelief.  Every day should be a day of conquering, a day of not allowing defeat and frustration to take over our mindsets and set us back in to cyclical depression.

Everyday should be a day of victory, a day of rejoicing, a day where things are made easy because of our trust and reliance on God.  I conquer everyday.  So I encourage you to conquer today.  Conquer over self-defeat, depression, anxiety, poor time-management and all of the other bad habits we attribute our situations to.  It’s time to conquer!


P.S. Check out Propaganda’s song “Conquer”!

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