Perspective: The Way You See Things Matter

My mom loves to say periodically from time to time, “Simone, it’s all about perspective- the way you see things matter” I did not understand what she was talking about at the time but she was so right. Perspective plays a big role in how we relate to the world and to those that live in it. How we view people, things and situations, shape our experiences- causing us to think about life with a fixated mindset.

Perspective can cause us to view the world through a lenses of doom and gloom when in actuality there is always hope. There is always a silver lining, a light at the end of the tunnel.  The problem comes when we bring that negative way of thinking and seeing the world into our relationships.  “He’s going to hurt me because my last boyfriend hurted me.” ” She’s going to cheat because the last girl I was with cheated.” We begin to make up excuses for bad behavior because we tell ourselves that bad things are supposed to happen to us because bad things always happen to us. Perspective. Flawed perspectives.

As a man thinketh so is he. Whatever you think about yourself, that is what you will become.  The same works for how we think about other people.  When we view life through negativity and bring that mindset into our relationships, we will find that our relationships reflect the negativity we portray through our words and actions.  It’s all about perspective.

How do you view the world? How do you see life? When you can answer these questions truthfully, you will be able to come to the understanding that hope is available and change can be reached. It’s time for a change of perspective.



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