With Everything Inside…

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

“With everything inside…” those were the words of a song I wrote Christmas Day, 2017. It was a random expression of how I felt about the Father. My dad’s friend sat at the piano and I just began to sing, “With everything inside, I will offer you my worship…” These words came from a place of freedom, I felt safe and free to sing what I heard in my heart.

The thought came to me… when was the last time I felt free? I mean, really free. The freedom to sing, the freedom to song-write, the freedom to just be different in the midst of a crowd that wants me to be the same. The last time I was truly free was at the beginning of the year when I was writing more and expressing the love I received with the world. Then, like many stories, pain met me and threw me off course. I stopped writing, I stopped singing, I started to withhold my worship. With everything became with some things and then with some things became with nothing. I had nothing to offer, nothing to bring and nothing to say.

Today, I listened to a few voice memos and started to reflect on the songs the Lord gave me. I listened and was immediately transported to those moments of prayer, worship, and authenticity. I was reminded of a piece of myself that was lying dead from pain- my heart’s posture as a worshipper and a songwriter. It’s crazy how good God really is. Like, when I take time to think about His awesomeness, I’m enthralled in this ugly cry place of gratitude. I’m thankful that in love, he reminded me of my identity in him. I’m his writer and that is enough!

So… lovelies, I encourage you to go to the moments where you felt free. Learn from those moments, reflect on those moments and find your time with Him again. Be His first and let everything else come as a result of loving Him more. Always remember that He loves you deeply!



Perspective: The Way You See Things Matter

My mom loves to say periodically from time to time, “Simone, it’s all about perspective- the way you see things matter” I did not understand what she was talking about at the time but she was so right. Perspective plays a big role in how we relate to the world and to those that live in it. How we view people, things and situations, shape our experiences- causing us to think about life with a fixated mindset.

Perspective can cause us to view the world through a lenses of doom and gloom when in actuality there is always hope. There is always a silver lining, a light at the end of the tunnel.  The problem comes when we bring that negative way of thinking and seeing the world into our relationships.  “He’s going to hurt me because my last boyfriend hurted me.” ” She’s going to cheat because the last girl I was with cheated.” We begin to make up excuses for bad behavior because we tell ourselves that bad things are supposed to happen to us because bad things always happen to us. Perspective. Flawed perspectives.

As a man thinketh so is he. Whatever you think about yourself, that is what you will become.  The same works for how we think about other people.  When we view life through negativity and bring that mindset into our relationships, we will find that our relationships reflect the negativity we portray through our words and actions.  It’s all about perspective.

How do you view the world? How do you see life? When you can answer these questions truthfully, you will be able to come to the understanding that hope is available and change can be reached. It’s time for a change of perspective.



Today was an interesting day, it was a great day!  Today for the first time in a long time, I felt on top of the world.  I felt like I could conquer anything.  Today was my day to conquer. I made it to class semi-on time and I learned something new.  I finished all of my homework for the next day, made it to a meeting concerning my new job and I even found time to write this post, today was definitely the day of conquering.

 It’s interesting how we have days of victory and days of defeat, how we have days of ups and days of downs, and how we have days of belief and trust in God and days of doubt and unbelief.  Every day should be a day of conquering, a day of not allowing defeat and frustration to take over our mindsets and set us back in to cyclical depression.

Everyday should be a day of victory, a day of rejoicing, a day where things are made easy because of our trust and reliance on God.  I conquer everyday.  So I encourage you to conquer today.  Conquer over self-defeat, depression, anxiety, poor time-management and all of the other bad habits we attribute our situations to.  It’s time to conquer!


P.S. Check out Propaganda’s song “Conquer” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXhDIBMZ-PM!

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