If You Want It, Take It!

Hello friends!

It’s been awhile since we have last spoken.  It’s crazy to think that people read every word that I type on a simple Thursday Morning, weird huh?  Anyways.. I wanted to discuss with you all some important things that I learned yesterday.  I learned that if I wanted anything, I should take it.  What?  You might be shaking your head in disbelief.  I see you, yeah YOU! Well, I don’t really see you, but you know who you are. lol.  What does she mean by take it?  When I say take it,  I define “take” as to possess it.  If you want to have something, then possess it, gain authority and control over whatever you desire.  Okay, I know what you may be thinking- this girl is INSANE!!! She is talking about taking things that we desire and that is bad.   It is bad to take things that do not belong to you, to  possess other’s belongings out of greed and covetous (we still use this word).  If you want something because someone else has it then you should feel the stares of condemnation and guilt.  When I speak of possession and gaining control over things I speak of our dreams, ambitions, goals/pursuits, and passions.  We can no longer sit in the background and watch what we want for our lives be snatched away from us by others.  If you want your dream, take it!  If you want your desires, take it!  Reclaim what is yours and live it out.  There is a scripture in Matthew, chapter 11 verse 12 if I’m not mistaken, that says “The kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force”  What does that mean?  Don’t sit around and wait to ask someone if you can be successful, take your success!  Don’t sit around and wait  to ask if you can have happiness, take your happiness!  Don’t sit around and wait to ask if you can implement your dreams, take your dreams and do something with them!  If you want something for your life, take it and make things happen!  God can give you all the tools that you need to have success, but you have to take them.  He’s not going to force you to take the blessings He give you, if you want them -you have to take them!  


I read a blogpost by James Michael Sama, I like to read his thoughts on relationships (do you?), and he wrote something profound in one of his posts.  He wrote, (paraphrasing) “A man goes after what he wants– If he doesn’t go after you then he probably doesn’t want to be with you”.   That stuck with me because what he said was so true: A man goes after what he wants- he doesn’t wait to ask for other’s approval or reach some sort of validation from society.  He sees his future mate and he courts her – so that she can feel his love towards her.  He pursues and he takes her for himself.  He doesn’t ask his competition if he can have her, he takes her!   In life, don’t wait for others to give you permission to live life to the fullest, take the life that you want and live it!  

If you want it, take it! 


Mo 🙂 

The Dangers of being Afraid

Hello friends!

It has been awhile and I am making some big decisions this year.  I am trying to decide whether or not I should be with someone even though I know that the relationship will take work and an endless dose of mercy and compassion, not to him but to all of those who will judge me and him (aka the haters).  It’s one thing to date a person and it’s another to date their families, communities, expectations of who you should be and etc.  *hyperventilating* It’s a lot of pressure, reach for paper bag here .  I’m absolutely terrified, so scared that if someone sneaked up behind me right now – I might pee my pants, just a little. lol.  It’s a crazy thought that once you give your heart to someone- news flash* that’s not it, you still have more work to do.  I was just looking for something easy, less complicated, something I can easily get into and easily out of  if something seems to go wrong.  I wasn’t looking for something deep or labor intensive, just something I can say I’m “into” with no kind of serious attachments.  The problem is, family and friends, I’m attached-at the depths of my heart.  If I detach myself from this relationship, I might bleed to death.  Yes, I’m being slightly over dramatic but that is how I feel.  I feel like detachment hurts me more than attachment, but does the hurt make me run to commitment – I don’t know about all of that.  The thing is friends, I committed before.  I committed so much, I decided I wanted to marry the dude  – but we didn’t work out.  We never made it down the aisle to the altar.  He was supposed to be the love of my life, the one and only for me yet that failed.  My one true commitment failed, miserably.  So what do I do now?  I shy away from commitments.  I run from the idea of a man loving me forever, I run fast.  When it seems that a guy is falling in love with me and wants to build a true relationship with me, I run.  I put my schooling first, my career first, and even my faith. Yes, I’m guilty- I use the God card.  “I can’t date you right now because I am focusing on my relationship with God” , which is all good, dandy, and true but the underlying factor of my rejection is fear.  I am afraid that as soon as I give my heart to someone, they are going to leave me- high and dry. That’s exactly what my ex did.  I’m afraid that as soon as I commit and the chase ends, the guy is going to realize that he isn’t interested in me and break up with me.  I am sorely afraid.  The problem is, I used fear to keep me from getting hurt, but in reality it has done nothing but hurt me.  The pain comes from wanting to pursue something but instead sabotage that pursuit because of fear.  Being afraid -can screw a person over, it really can.  Fear can cause a person to be paranoid about the small stuff in hopes that the individual will never get to place to experience the big ticket items in the game we call love.  Fear can ruin a person’s life and destroy a person’s ambition.  Fear is bad!  


God does not want us to live our lives afraid.  He doesn’t want us to be afraid of our future, our successes, our failures and other’s expectations of who we should be.  We cannot live our lives in fear, sabotaging what could be because of what was.  The past is the past, we can not relive it nor can we stop living because of it.  We have to move forward, we have to live fearless.  So join me, if you can, in living a fearless life.  A life of no regrets, no what-ifs, a life of excitement and expectancy, a life with no fears.  

Until next time, 


Forgiveness & Humility

Hello, it’s been awhile and purposely so.  I have been hesitant to share with you once more something that been placed on my heart.  Over the last year or so, I have realized that I am a mess, a hot one.  I am completely flawed and seek so many things to fix me but have come to see that all I need is God and His love towards me.  Today’s post is about something I thought I have mastered, forgiveness, but like all other things we think we master- we quickly learn that we are still capable of learning and humble our arrogant attitude.  Forgiveness is not just moving past and forgetting about who wronged you but it’s a two way street that allows you to ask for forgiveness from those you wronged.  Many of us seek apologies but we don’t like to give them.  To apologize is to humble oneself and seek forgiveness from those you may have wronged and from those who may have wronged you.  I learned this lesson tonight as I asked two people to forgive me, the issues I had with them in my heart was preventing me from moving forward.  I had to make things right.  One of the individuals has not been genuine with me and has consistently shown me a un-Christlike picture of himself but I had to apologize.  I had to apologize for sinking on his level, for being mean to him because he was being mean to me.  There is this passage in Matthew 6 where Jesus is telling His disciples to love their enemies.  This is not something we seek to hear, love our enemies -what?  Yes, Jesus wanted  His disciples to love their enemies.  Shocker!  He said to his disciples that if they only loved those who loved them, they were no different than the Pharisees.  The pharisees were fake people who expected the people to love by a law that they themselves did not live by.  Jesus wanted his disciples to be different than the rest, to really make a difference.  I learned that if I am only kind to those that are kind to me than I am a pharisee parading my doctrine with hypocrisy, no different from those that sit in church and judge others but if I can be nice to those who are mean to me.  Love those who hate me, pray for those who pray against me – then I am truly a disciple, than I can say I belong to God.  When you apologize to your enemies for what you have done towards them to make peace, you are the bigger person- you are the shining star. Your humility allows you to shine as bright as the sun.  Christ wants us to be different, he wants us to really reflect his kind of love and kindness.  He loves us regardless of ourselves, he died for us when he did nothing wrong, he goes the extra mile for us when we desert him and leave him hanging. Jesus’ love is so pure and contagious and life-giving.  He wants us to give out that type of love.  When you make things right and you apologize, even though you was the one hurt, you come out on top and you end up being healed.  You have made peace for yourself and no one else can take that away from you.  

Be blessed, 


Hey, Let’s Talk

Do you talk to your friends?  How often do you talk to them? What about your best friends, do you talk to them more or less than your other friends? I talk to my best friend at least a bare minimum of once a day, I do.  It’s like we can talk for hours and still have something to talk about the next day.  It’s the same with God.  We’re friends, and I just happen to talk to him frequently as well.  When you are in relationship with someone (no matter who it is), it is not hard to talk to that person daily, in fact it’s something that you strive to do.  God wants to be our friends.  He wants to have a relationship with us to the point that we speak to him daily, maybe even multiple times during the day.  He doesn’t want us to have a shallow relationship with Him but rather would like for our relationships with Him to deepen into something more.  He wants a love relationship with us and you know what they say, you  usually fall for your best friend.  Church folk call talking to God: prayer.  It’s not something deep and super religious, prayer is simply talking to God.  Period.  Saying hello counts as prayer.  Telling God how you feel about someone or something counts as prayer.  Finally, sharing God your secrets and your heart, counts as prayer.  He wants to hear from you and as always He is standing at the door of your heart saying, “Hey, Let’s Talk.”

Happy Conversating,


It’s All About Relationship

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

It’s been a few days since we have  last spoken and I believe that last time I told you that we were going back to the basics.  For the next few days until, I feel the need to move elsewhere- we are going to reflect on our love relationship with God first and then see how that factors into our relationships with others.

First of all what is a relationship? Some might say why is she asking these stupid questions, last time I checked there was no such thing as stupid questions. lol. In order to understand relationships, we must first know what a relationship is.  A relationship is a covenant, an agreement between two people solidified by love and mutual trust.  One of the best examples of relationship is the relationship between God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Spirit (Holy Ghost) also known as the Holy Trinity.  It is in the Trinity that we see the three distinct personalities of God work together hand in hand in mutual relationship.  All three are God and co-equal but choose to submit one to another because of their mutual love and trust for one another.  In the beginning of time, all three entities of God work together on the biggest project ever: the creation of mankind.

“Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So God created mankind in his own image,in the image of God he created them;male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:26-17 KJV)

One day ; God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was enjoying their relationship so much they wanted to share it with someone else.  God created mankind to share a love relationship with him ( a covenant of love and trust and mutual friendship).  Since the beginning of time, God has sought to have a relationship with mankind.  So man was created and everything was good until an act of disobedience caused a separation between God and man- ruining relationship.

That’s a bitter end to a story right?  Well that’s not the end.  Do you know why Jesus came to the earth? Why would God himself, step down from his throne and endure a lifetime of poverty, homelessness and public humiliation? Why?  If I was enthroned with glory and riches, would I give that all up for a people who cared nothing about me? Probably not, but then again I’m not God. God came down in the form of man to restore relationship with man.  His death was not just some sacrifice to claim that He’s great and amazing, He knew He was great and did not need some Jewish validation for it.  His death (sacrifice) was needed to take away the separation that had been placed between God and man since the days of the garden.  He gave up his life so that God and man could reach that intimate relationship that God had sought for all along.

When we ask Christ to come into our hearts we are not asking for some easy free pass into heaven (that’s a bonus), we are asking to come into a relationship with God.  Anybody can be religious and follow a bunch of rules to say that they are better than other people, anybody can do works to receive some type of public validation for service and anybody can quote scripture to seem doctrinal smart but not everyone can live a life of relationship because this life of relationship takes sacrifice, submission, loyalty,faithfulness and complete trust.  Just because I say I love someone doesn’t mean  I actually do and just because I say I trust someone doesn’t mean I completely trust them. Your love and trust is proven with your actions and this is tested in relationships.  When we come into relationship with Christ, we are saying to Him we “want to be your friend”. Friends talk regularly.  Friends are loyal and have each other’s back.  Friends defend one another.  When you are in relationship with someone you are more likely to hear what they tell you, follow their advice and seek to make them happy.  That’s the beauty of relationships- God seeks to make you happy and you seek to make Him happy.

We make Christianity so hard.  We make coming to Christ so complicated and it’s really simple.  Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God and man.  it’s not about memorizing a bunch of rules, because when you love God you’ll follow His law automatically.  You won’t have to prompt yourself to do what’s right, your love for God will drive you to do what’s right. You won’t have to convince yourself to be nice to people, your love for God and the love that’s in you will ooze out to your neighbor.  Christianity is about relationship and God’s desire to get to know mankind in such a special way. It’s all about relationship!

Stick With Your Choice

Hello all, this is the first post of the new year, yay!  We have made it to 2014, God has been good.  For the month of January, I believe that God is calling us to  come back to the basics of our love relationship with Him.  This blog is still going to be about love and relationships but for the next 19 days it’s going to focus on our love for God and our relationship with Him.  This year is we are going to come back to our first love.  In order to fully love someone else we have to discover the one who created love, God himself.


As I was preparing to write you all as I usually do- God began to minster to me about choices ,”Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay.”  These old fashioned words simply means stick with what you chose to do.  Don’t straddle the fence.

 Matt 6:24 MSG version says “You can’t worship two gods at once.  Loving one god, you’ll end up hating the other. Adoration of one feeds contempt for the other.  You can’t worship God and Money both.”

What does this mean?  What does this have to do with choices?  If you choose to live for God, live for Him.  If you choose not to, don’t.  Don’t pretend to love God when you don’t.  You can’t serve God and fulfill the desires of your flesh.  You can’t serve God and then throw in the towel when things get hard.  You can’t serve God only on Sunday and then Monday through Saturday create havoc in your community.  If you are going to serve Him,  serve Him completely- Stick with your choice.  In this new year, now is not the time to be in and out, to be wishy-washy.  Now is the time to serve God with all of your heart and love Him completely.  If you are going to walk out this God thing, then do it for real – be 100%.  Either you are in or you are out: there is no in between.  If you choose not to serve God, I will be praying for you because I believe that Jesus loves you with all of Himself but don’t pretend to serve Him if you don’t.  Don’t pretend to believe in something you don’t- be real about your love relationship with God.  Stick with your choice!

Until next time,