Hey, Let’s Talk

Do you talk to your friends?  How often do you talk to them? What about your best friends, do you talk to them more or less than your other friends? I talk to my best friend at least a bare minimum of once a day, I do.  It’s like we can talk for hours and still have something to talk about the next day.  It’s the same with God.  We’re friends, and I just happen to talk to him frequently as well.  When you are in relationship with someone (no matter who it is), it is not hard to talk to that person daily, in fact it’s something that you strive to do.  God wants to be our friends.  He wants to have a relationship with us to the point that we speak to him daily, maybe even multiple times during the day.  He doesn’t want us to have a shallow relationship with Him but rather would like for our relationships with Him to deepen into something more.  He wants a love relationship with us and you know what they say, you  usually fall for your best friend.  Church folk call talking to God: prayer.  It’s not something deep and super religious, prayer is simply talking to God.  Period.  Saying hello counts as prayer.  Telling God how you feel about someone or something counts as prayer.  Finally, sharing God your secrets and your heart, counts as prayer.  He wants to hear from you and as always He is standing at the door of your heart saying, “Hey, Let’s Talk.”

Happy Conversating,



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