It’s All About Relationship

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

It’s been a few days since we have  last spoken and I believe that last time I told you that we were going back to the basics.  For the next few days until, I feel the need to move elsewhere- we are going to reflect on our love relationship with God first and then see how that factors into our relationships with others.

First of all what is a relationship? Some might say why is she asking these stupid questions, last time I checked there was no such thing as stupid questions. lol. In order to understand relationships, we must first know what a relationship is.  A relationship is a covenant, an agreement between two people solidified by love and mutual trust.  One of the best examples of relationship is the relationship between God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Spirit (Holy Ghost) also known as the Holy Trinity.  It is in the Trinity that we see the three distinct personalities of God work together hand in hand in mutual relationship.  All three are God and co-equal but choose to submit one to another because of their mutual love and trust for one another.  In the beginning of time, all three entities of God work together on the biggest project ever: the creation of mankind.

“Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” So God created mankind in his own image,in the image of God he created them;male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:26-17 KJV)

One day ; God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was enjoying their relationship so much they wanted to share it with someone else.  God created mankind to share a love relationship with him ( a covenant of love and trust and mutual friendship).  Since the beginning of time, God has sought to have a relationship with mankind.  So man was created and everything was good until an act of disobedience caused a separation between God and man- ruining relationship.

That’s a bitter end to a story right?  Well that’s not the end.  Do you know why Jesus came to the earth? Why would God himself, step down from his throne and endure a lifetime of poverty, homelessness and public humiliation? Why?  If I was enthroned with glory and riches, would I give that all up for a people who cared nothing about me? Probably not, but then again I’m not God. God came down in the form of man to restore relationship with man.  His death was not just some sacrifice to claim that He’s great and amazing, He knew He was great and did not need some Jewish validation for it.  His death (sacrifice) was needed to take away the separation that had been placed between God and man since the days of the garden.  He gave up his life so that God and man could reach that intimate relationship that God had sought for all along.

When we ask Christ to come into our hearts we are not asking for some easy free pass into heaven (that’s a bonus), we are asking to come into a relationship with God.  Anybody can be religious and follow a bunch of rules to say that they are better than other people, anybody can do works to receive some type of public validation for service and anybody can quote scripture to seem doctrinal smart but not everyone can live a life of relationship because this life of relationship takes sacrifice, submission, loyalty,faithfulness and complete trust.  Just because I say I love someone doesn’t mean  I actually do and just because I say I trust someone doesn’t mean I completely trust them. Your love and trust is proven with your actions and this is tested in relationships.  When we come into relationship with Christ, we are saying to Him we “want to be your friend”. Friends talk regularly.  Friends are loyal and have each other’s back.  Friends defend one another.  When you are in relationship with someone you are more likely to hear what they tell you, follow their advice and seek to make them happy.  That’s the beauty of relationships- God seeks to make you happy and you seek to make Him happy.

We make Christianity so hard.  We make coming to Christ so complicated and it’s really simple.  Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God and man.  it’s not about memorizing a bunch of rules, because when you love God you’ll follow His law automatically.  You won’t have to prompt yourself to do what’s right, your love for God will drive you to do what’s right. You won’t have to convince yourself to be nice to people, your love for God and the love that’s in you will ooze out to your neighbor.  Christianity is about relationship and God’s desire to get to know mankind in such a special way. It’s all about relationship!


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