Valentine’s Day

Today marks a  day for love

love without partiality and hypocrisy….

I’ve tasted of this love & I

with all of my might – extend

this love to you.

One thing is surely true,

nothing can separate us- our hearts

sewn together as one.

A great prize, we won each other.

It’s a day when I remember my eternal gift

love unconditional, from glory to glory…

changing the very story of my life.

To  a husband, I would become wife.

And to a galaxy, stars in the sky

completing creation’s purpose of beauty.

It’s today that I see…

I am blessed.

Blessed beyond measure,

no matter the stormy weather…

Because this love have given me

sunny days…

Maybe I’m in a love haze.

As the smoky glory of God wraps over our being,

in you, His love is freeing-

making forgiveness, easy and breezy

and beautiful

you are suitable…

for me.

©Simone Holloway, 2016





Here’s to You

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

I would like to propose a toast to your new season in life.  A time of  victory, a time of overcoming, and a time of living life to the fullest.  Here’s to you- a man/woman who has the ability to succeed, and will change the world for the better someday.  Here’s to you- a confident individual, one who is no longer bound by your past but is actively progressing forward.  Here’s to you- the fierce individual with so much love in your heart.  You are strong, you are compassionate, you are generous and you are great.  Greatness is all over you and I’m so happy I get to see you blossom into your greatness.  So this afternoon, I celebrate you.  I celebrate your accomplishments, I celebrate your strength.  I celebrate the man/woman you have become  and I am so proud of you.  So, I raise my glass of sparkling apple cider to you!  Here’s to you- you deserve every ounce of love given to you this afternoon.  The best is yet to come!  


❤ Mo

P.S. Don’t forget to Live. Laugh. Love 🙂

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Working Girl

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow blogger-

Hi guys!  I am just getting a free moment to write you all.  Today has been an extremely busy day in that I am a working girl now. I am a law clerk at a law firm here in my hometown.  I basically gave up going to law school to work in a firm first.  It’s amazing how God sets us up in the best positions of our life.  I love my new job and I am learning things super quickly.  I got the chance to meet so many amazing people and I am able to do my job in peace- awesome, right?  God’s favor is so on point and I love the fact that I can learn and grow as an individual.  I hope each and every one of ya’ll are had a great day and we’ll talk soon!  I love ya’ll.

Until next time,

Mo ❤

There’s No Need…

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Today, I was talking to my bestie “E” when the Holy Ghost began to remind me of how far I have grown in my love relationship with Him.  You’ll be surprised how much you’ve changed when you actually sit down and think about your life.  I was really surprised at how far I have come out of the lands of people-pleasing and insecurities, into a place of security and assurance in who I am.  I used to need people’s approval of my actions and lifestyle. I used to need people’s validation of my accomplishments to feel like I actually achieved something in life.  I used to need to be celebrated by certain people to feel important, cherished, valued and loved.  What the Holy Spirit helped me realize is that I don’t have that need anymore.  I don’t need people to be my best me, nor do I need people to dream or to validate me.  There is no need for certain individuals to be in my life, nor is there a need for certain opinions to live my life.  There’s no need…

Once I became complete in Christ, I made up my mind that I was going to live life the way God wanted me to- whether people agreed with my choices or not.  I made up my mind that I was going to be happy, whether people celebrated me or not.  I decided that I was going to enjoy my accomplishments, whether people saw it fit to validate me or not.  I was going to blog, whether a lot of people followed my blog or not.

I am in a  place in my life where I am going to be the best me that I can be regardless of the opinions of others.  There’s no need for extra validation or extra affirmation, there is really no need...

Friends, If God has approved of your ministry or of  your vision to changing to the world- you don’t need the approval of others. If God has validated you, you don’t need to be validated by anyone else.  If God has affirmed you and He thinks highly of you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Period.  Live your life to the fullest, and realize that sometimes there’s no need for certain people to be in your life.  Live your life pleasing unto God and He’ll make your dreams come true.  What can people do?  Can they do more than God?  I don’t think so but hey those are just my thoughts.  I love you guys and I hope you guys have a great evening!!!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂


Life- Changing Love

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Today is a fabulous day!  Today is a great day because I said it would be..the power of words in action. lol. ( Those of you who read yesterday’s post understand that statement).  Well, I wanted to share some amazing information with you today:  the reason why I started blogging a year ago and how I have seen my life change from experiencing the love I write about on a nearly daily basis.

Today we are going to discuss  life changing love.  In July 2013, I was still trying to find myself.  I didn’t really know who I was or who I wanted to be, so I thought that I would start blogging as a way to express myself.  I needed to vent and unload my “dirty laundry” so to speak but I did not know how to actually stand in front of people and say what I needed to say- so I chose to write instead.  I was always the person that kept a journal.  In fact, I still journal – I just completed an entry before turning to this blog.  My sister calls my journal an adult’s diary, but writing is the only way I can release what’s in my heart without the backlash of other’s opinions.  It’s in my journal where I  feel safe enough to tell the truth about myself and how I feel.  This blog in July of last year, became my public journal- where I vowed to tell the truth and share my life with others.  I was seeking love last year around this time and now I found a love that changed my life.  I found a life-changing love, better yet- this love found me!


Where is this love? You may be asking…better yet, how do I get this love?

I thought I had to go through so many hoops to get this love.  In fact, I thought I had to work for this love .  I thought I had to be so many things for different people to get this love .  I thought I had to endure heart ache after heartache to even come close to this love.

The truth is, the love I sought for all of these year was right in front of me.  This love was staring me in the face, waiting for me to embrace it. This life-changing love was waiting on me and now that I have it nothing can make me let it go.  This life-changing love is the love of Jesus Christ.  Ahhh..that was simple!  He was standing there, waiting to love me for so long – but I sought love in other things.  It wasn’t until I embraced His love for me that my life began to change.  I began to see myself the way He saw me; beautiful, whole, free. His love changed me!  His love filled me up and it has never let me go.  I am one blessed girl…I am loved by the Creator of the universe- He madly loves me!  Now, that is something to brag about!  “Hey guys- the Creator of the universe loves me!” *screams from the top of my lungs* 

The love I have been seeking for since I was 16 years old was in the One who knew me before I knew myself.  He was waiting in the exact place where we left off – extending His hands filled with love toward me.  That is why I started blogging about love because I wanted to find an authentic love, one that was selfless and rooted deep in passion and security.  This love I sought to find was in front of me in the person of Yeshua.  He is the definition of this love.  It took me a year to come to this place but I’m so happy that I got here.  I’m happy I’m loved by Him.

One day, Yeshua is going to allow someone who can emulate His love to love me.  He has hand-picked some young dapper guy (lol) to come into my life, to fill it with the happiness He seeks for me. This guy should see this choosing as an honor, a divine privilege, because God did not have to choose him for me- but He did! The guy God gives me is going to be one of the best gifts given because this guy is the emulation of God’s love towards me- absolutely perfect!  I’m excited for who God is going to give me and I’m so thankful that the Creator loves me deeply.  Guys, God loves me!  He really loves me! 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂