Here’s to You

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

I would like to propose a toast to your new season in life.  A time of  victory, a time of overcoming, and a time of living life to the fullest.  Here’s to you- a man/woman who has the ability to succeed, and will change the world for the better someday.  Here’s to you- a confident individual, one who is no longer bound by your past but is actively progressing forward.  Here’s to you- the fierce individual with so much love in your heart.  You are strong, you are compassionate, you are generous and you are great.  Greatness is all over you and I’m so happy I get to see you blossom into your greatness.  So this afternoon, I celebrate you.  I celebrate your accomplishments, I celebrate your strength.  I celebrate the man/woman you have become  and I am so proud of you.  So, I raise my glass of sparkling apple cider to you!  Here’s to you- you deserve every ounce of love given to you this afternoon.  The best is yet to come!  


❤ Mo

P.S. Don’t forget to Live. Laugh. Love 🙂

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