Sin Paranoia

The past is gone. The future awaits. Move forward. – 4wardCityChurch

Get Back On The Horse

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-  Today is #FreedomFriday, and as many of you know- I truly believe that one can be free in their hearts and their minds.  I believe in walking in true freedom, but I also believe in repentance and forgiveness.  Sometimes in our freedom walk- we’ll miss the mark,…


What is the effect of trust being broken?

Lesson Learned

what’s the point of being hurt if you gain nothing from it I learned that pain can be used to fuel healing to a lowly spirit what’s the point of making mistakes if you repeat them over and over again I learned that in over to move forward I had to live different, my friend a lesson…

I Fell…

Even after all that’s happened, I’ll fall in love all over again! #poetry #love #dating #relationships #lifelessons

Never Mine

I shouldn’t have loved you in the first place, you never belonged to me.

“Do not fear mi…

“Do not fear mistakes- there are none”- Miles Davis God doesn’t make mistakes so  embrace the fact that you was fearfully and wonderfully made by Him (Ps. 139:14).