I guess I shouldn’t feel bad

Shouldn’t feel bad at all

That you’re not in my life

That you ignored my calls

The problem that I have

between you and me

Is that you led me on

And had me believe

Had me believe that you wanted me…

That you cared…

You had me believe that I belonged to you

Truth or Dare?

You dared me to trust you

To step in her shoes

To be your stand in girlfriend

Knowing that I would lose

Like an idiot, I played your game

Seeking to play you

Said I wouldn’t get too close

Not knowing what to do

I was the best “fake” girl

Patient and kind

A comforting presence

To a man that wasn’t mine

I was the best girlfriend

Supportive and true

The best for someone

As  undeserving as you

But to you I don’t place blame

I blame myself

I wallow in my own shame

My heart didn’t know about our plan

It didn’t understand

It began to fall in love

Wanted to hold your hand

So I used to be angry

I used to hate the world

I used to cry all night

And hate the one you called your girl

But now I’m over my mistakes

I’ve paid for my crime

For loving a man

That was never mine

(c) Simone Holloway 2014

Featured Image : https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3116/3091050968_c75d8c2753.jpg

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