Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

We live in a society that treasure masks…we treasure being something we are not.

We live in a world of pretend, a world where no one is who they say they are- a world of secret sins. We all have our masks; masks of happiness, wealth and contentment. We pretend to have everything together; pretend to have our lives in order- we live in our masks.

Why do we wear such a thing? Heavy and bold? Bound to our faces by an elastic string: ready to break and expose what’s underneath. We wear our masks like armor, seeking to protect ourselves from the world but really we need protection from ourselves and the denial we live in concerning our sin.

We live in masks rigid with the faces we want to portray. We portray the life we want but don’t have.  We are bound in our masks.

I believe in freedom… I can’t be free in a mask. I can’t be real while wearing a mask. I can’t be vulnerable with a mask.

Faking it till I make it did nothing for me, my mask became  just a useless painted covering that did nothing for my soul- so I took my mask off so I could expose how I’m feeling… so I could expose who I really was.

I could not be free in my mask- true freedom comes through honesty. So I threw my mask away so I could heal… now it’s time to throw away yours.

What’s holding you back from being free? Get rid of your masks.

Until next time,
Mo 🙂

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