1 Heart , 2 Places

” 1 Heart, 2 Places”

I think I have a superpower

The ability to be in two places at once

I can be where I am and where you are

At the same time

I live in two realities

Yours and mine

Hoping that I will one day find …

the bridge 

That make these two places…


Separated by time

Distanced by space

Circumstances and situations try to determine our fate

Filling in the ocean that creates our distance

Yet my heart doesn’t understand how this can be 

How my one heart can be in two places?

I don’t understand…

I search

I seek

I research for an answer to my dilemma, slowly realizing  that this is my own doing 

Every time my hand was in yours,

My heart packed a bag.

Every time I stood wrapped in your arms,

My heart cleaned out a dresser..


began to prepare for a farewell.

It was preparing to leave with you…

Every time we shared an intimate joke

Every phone conversation

Every time we shared a meal

My heart prepared for its eviction

Eviction from its current place…

To where you are

My heart prepared itself to be…

With you

So now I suffer in this dilemma

I’m in this predicament

I have one heart in two different places

I can feel the tension

I can feel the strain

Hoping that as I search for my heart

I’ll be reunited with you

So take care of my heart

Because I am on my way

And this time when I come

I’m here to stay.

❤ Mo

“Copyright, Mo, November 1, 2014”


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