here we go again.

here we go again. 

these are the words that come to mind, 

as I sit, read, analyze, listen, doze off and repeat 

going through this cycle called life...

yet I've escaped the Ferris wheel. 

my inward carnival is out of business, 

and the havoc of the Topsy-turvy, up and down- has stopped. 

maybe it's because I'm finally healthy.

whole in my mind, emotions - no longer run by my previous slave master: feelings. 

i  feel and therefore I am not. 

i see and therefore I can accomplish. 

i believe and therefore I can have- it all. 

for I've found consistency in You. 

here we go again, 

yet here we are to something new. 

same law school, new perspective.

same agenda, new energy.

same people, new heart. 

this is what freedom feels like. 

this is what it means to be alive... 

©Simone Holloway, 2018

Small wonders that hit the earth as we close our eyes;

wishes, thoughts, impossibilities that have ranged true.

I think we desire these small yet large results as we hope in our hearts

for one more…


I see the tears of parents as they kiss their dying child,

I see the homeless man’s sigh as his belly rumbles nature’s cue.

I see the woman’s clutching hand as she whispers “If only he loved me.”

Absent of hope is the world.

Absent of joy is that small girl.

Their hearts burning for a miracle,

yet, miracles are void of fear

and they are all afraid.

Afraid of the future, afraid of the past.

Afraid of what they wish for, won’t last.

Simply afraid to begin again.

My friends, we just want one more…


And it is with this desire that on 11:11

Pause, one more wish…

And it is with this desire,

that shapes our views of shooting stars.

And it is with this desire that opens our hearts,

to charlatans and frauds.

Because we just need one more…


God please,

just. one. more.


So it is with hope that we reach out to You.

The Maker of miracles –

seeking your wisdom, seeking your truth.

We know that in you- we can experience miracles woven in Your love.

Your love is our miracle –

our saving grace,

our shooting star.

Our 11:11 wish,

is all wrapped up in You.

You are our miracle.

And by knowing this, we are free-

free to believe in miracles.

In one. more. miracle.

©Simone Holloway, 2016



I went home today

everything was new

I looked around

the only thing missing, was you.

I went home today

the walls are now green

the smell is still delicious, with fresh bread in the air

things have changed since, I was seventeen .

I went home today,

memories of you hanging on the walls

“rock show” filled the air

as I answered so many calls.

You would think that I was overwhelmed

by everything that suddenly changed

but to be honest the only thing on my mind

was how your absence made everything not the same.

I went home today

everything was new

I looked around…

the only thing missing, was you.

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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Essence Of Eternity

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Have you actually sat down and thought about eternity? About the after-life?  Your eternal residency?

I actually thought about eternity and my hope to spend forever with the Lover of my soul, God.  I actually thought about it and this hope made death here on the earth, seem light and trivial.  I began to think about the idea that my eyes will continuously see the beauty that awaits me in Heaven. Every day, moment, year in and out- I will be surrounded by light, beauty and love- because of my relationship with Jesus Christ.

When you think about eternity, and you think about your own relationship with Christ; things here on the earth seem trivial and full of vanity – waiting to pass away.   But the opposite is also true, eternity for those who do not have a relationship with Christ is full of torment and fear.

We cannot escape eternity, wherever we end up because of our choices- we are there forever.

I think that if each of us took a moment to think about the weight of the word eternity, we would love people better; we would be honest and keep our word; we would live our lives sold out for Christ. Our reward for our work is a lifetime of being with Him, and I look forward to every second of it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below or email me at

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”” John 11:25-26

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Watch Your Attitude

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

I was trying to decide if I wanted to blog today, being that it is my day of rest but I noticed something that has rubbed me the wrong way. The problem is that I see this among fellow ” Christians, ” those who are supposedly filled with the love of God.  I was talking to the Lord today about how I’ve been getting beat up emotionally and verbally by my fellow brothers and sisters.  The attitudes of those I’ve encountered this weekend, if I was not a Christian would make me not come to Christ.  This saddened me because I am a Christian, so for me to even think that way disturbed me.  So by the title of this post, you can sense where I am going.  If you profess Christianity of to be any kind of follower of Christ, I kindly remind you to watch your attitude and how you speak to people.  We are to love those around us, love and compassion is supposed to be the differentiating factor between us and the world.  How are we different, if we don’t love?  If we aren’t kind or hold any ounce of compassion within us?  Those who hold compassion truly emulate Christ, because even when he passes judgement- it is still in love.  Our attitudes can be the determining factor on whether someone comes to know Christ or not.  We have to be careful on how we project Christ to the world, especially those in spiritual leadership.  Sarcasm, rude speech, negative talk is not a characteristic of God. He is never intentionally mean and hateful towards us.  Nor is he ever “nice-nasty”, getting us “told” without thought.   That is not who God is…. and those who project Him that way, haven’t taken the time to truly know Him.  Y’all I’ve been guilty of using these tactics but as i come to know Him, i realize that my attitude is very important.  Sometimes, you have to sacrifice being right to keep the peace in your environment.  I learned that you don’t always have to get the last word nor do you always have to confront people on what they’ve done.  Instead, go to God and ask Him to handle the situation- I rather Him handle it than for me to compromise my witness even for a second.  We are all works in progress, myself included- so I encourage you guys to keep at it.  Don’t let others immaturity skew your image of God and your budding relationship with Him,  Be the bigger person and God will cause everything to work out for you.  Watch Your Attitude!!!!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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of the character of God


living poetry

created in a divine image

I speak

words written

for me

about me

to reflect the one

that died for me

living poetry


I am a piece of poetry

beautifully written

by God

(c) Simone Holloway, 2015

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A Time to Chill

Last time we spoken, I was reflecting on the need to be emptied.  This necessity to let go of everything and be filled again by God. This evening, I am going to discuss taking time to chill,  we all need time to relax and be with family and I think that Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to do just that.  When I say chill, many think of hanging on the couch or using some kind of sedative substance to find this inner mellow.  To chill, according to Mo’s dictionary, is to take a moment out of a busy schedule/fast-paced lifestyle and to reflect on what’s around you in a manner of gratitude.  This goes beyond normal relaxation techniques and incorporates an attitude of thanksgiving as well.

I think we all accomplish a state of relaxation one day or another but I think that we miss the mark of incorporating an attitude of thanksgiving while we are relaxing.  Some of us relax because we are trying to lower our blood pressure, forget about the trials of the day, or we are trying to escape what we must face ahead.  Instead of being thankful for what’s around us,  we focus our thoughts on what we need, what’s next, what we have to return to, and how much life sucks in that moment.  This negative attitude ruins the effects of our chill and we find ourselves at square one.    If I thought negative thoughts while I was trying to reach a period of peace, I would be so frustrated that I would quit while I was ahead.

 The point that I am trying to make is that peace and relaxation is just as much about our thoughts and attitude as well as our decrease of activities.  There is no point for me to clear my schedule in hopes of chilling, in order to have negative thoughts. Can you imagine me sitting on my couch with cup of tea, my favorite soothing mix playing, thinking about how much my life sucks?  Those thoughts did not fit the picture of relaxation that I was trying to create.  What if I sat down with my tea and music and began to think thoughts of thanksgiving? What if I began to think about God’s grace and mercy to me?  What if for a moment I found time to chill?  To really chill?

 I think that it is in these moments, moments of thanksgiving and chillness, that we truly began to hear God speak to our hearts and comfort us through the trials and pain.  We begin to experience an inner peace like no other and come to the place where nothing shake us.  Our boss may yell at us, our dog may die, and our kids may act like they are on some other kind of stuff, but nothing will be able to shake us and our peace will remain . When we change our attitudes from an attitude of complaint to thanksgiving we will find ourselves in a state of a perpetual chill.  It’s time to chill!