Small wonders that hit the earth as we close our eyes;

wishes, thoughts, impossibilities that have ranged true.

I think we desire these small yet large results as we hope in our hearts

for one more…


I see the tears of parents as they kiss their dying child,

I see the homeless man’s sigh as his belly rumbles nature’s cue.

I see the woman’s clutching hand as she whispers “If only he loved me.”

Absent of hope is the world.

Absent of joy is that small girl.

Their hearts burning for a miracle,

yet, miracles are void of fear

and they are all afraid.

Afraid of the future, afraid of the past.

Afraid of what they wish for, won’t last.

Simply afraid to begin again.

My friends, we just want one more…


And it is with this desire that on 11:11

Pause, one more wish…

And it is with this desire,

that shapes our views of shooting stars.

And it is with this desire that opens our hearts,

to charlatans and frauds.

Because we just need one more…


God please,

just. one. more.


So it is with hope that we reach out to You.

The Maker of miracles –

seeking your wisdom, seeking your truth.

We know that in you- we can experience miracles woven in Your love.

Your love is our miracle –

our saving grace,

our shooting star.

Our 11:11 wish,

is all wrapped up in You.

You are our miracle.

And by knowing this, we are free-

free to believe in miracles.

In one. more. miracle.

©Simone Holloway, 2016



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