Secret Room

There’s a secret place,

a hidden room within the confines of my heart-that few can get to.

It’s in this room where all of my dreams and inner desires are held.

Held captive…

It’s here where the truest form of myself resides…

A place that is hard to find, a room that is hard to unlock- a place that fills some with shock when they choose to burst open it’s french doors.

It’s here that if opened, smiles are decoded and translated into beautiful messages of love and compassion for you.

It’s crazy how one can sit among you and not truly know your heart- nor be able to see the light and the mercy that consumes your being…

But with you, there is a feeling that is freeing –

since you know exactly what each glance means in conversation -without hesitating to confirm that we’re on the same page.

Perfect love casts out all fear and now I am unafraid because out of many,

only you could find my heart’s secret room.

©Simone Holloway, 2016.






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