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I was listening to Andy Mineo’s song “Ghost” and I got to thinking….how many of us entertain ghosts? Ghostly people, ghostly heartbreaks, ghostly regrets, ghosts that haunt us when we are feeling low in our spirits about what we are experiencing with life. It’s as almost as if everyday is Halloween- a day of reflection for what is dead, for what is lost…

I’m reminded of the tragedy Hamlet, and how William Shakespeare wrote of Hamlet being visited by the apparition of his late father…haunting…calling…And like Hamlet, some of us are constantly visited by the apparitions of what if and what could of been and why not… These apparitions come to haunt us and to cause us to feel poorly about where we are and who surrounds us. Ghosts.

Last time I checked Ghosts were also classified as Spirits and last time I checked, they can be bound and sent to the pit of hell. We need to start binding the things that haunt us … we forfeit our authority as a result of pain. We were not created to be haunted, to be tormented, to constantly live life in regret. We were created to have dominion, to be loved and treasured, we we were created to win. So tonight let’s decide together to forever banish our ghosts, to make them vanish into thin air, to not allow them to have so much power over us. Tonight we lay our ghosts to rest and we command the haunting of our hearts to die. We release ourselves from our self torment tonight.

We say goodbye forever to our ghosts.

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Simone Holloway, 2015


I Haven’t Changed My Mind

I know you want me to forget your name
and to look at you through lens of regret
but my love remains the same
and I've released you from your past debt

I know you want me to be filled with anger
to treat you mean and cruel
I don't know if you noticed but I am as steady as an anchor
concerning love, I have thrown out those stupid rules

I know you wish that you could spend a lifetime
working for your forgiveness from me
but darling, I haven't changed my mind
I still love you freely....
©Simone Holloway, 2015

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Fall, 2014

I told you I loved you


my ears heard nothing

my heart heard everything


I vowed to not live a life

full of regrets

but there is one that seems

to plague my mind


every day

every moment

every second

i regret telling you those words

i regret trusting you with my life

i regret listening to every promise made

i regret falling in love with you

i regret the day we met

i regret giving you so much power over me

power to make me smile

power to make me happy

power to make me come alive

my biggest regret is…you


now my heart is torn

now my mind is dazed

life sucks

thanks a lot


Fall, 2014

I told you I loved you


my ears heard nothing

my heart heard everything

“(c) Simone Holloway, 2014”

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We were together


Walking life’s beaten road

We were together

With time as sand 

It was Us against the World

On this path we walked

Day and night

We discovered life on the way

On this path

We sought

In love we wanted to stay

But we came to a fork in the road

                                                    I went left                                                  You went right

                                                  I became day                                              You became night

Decisions had been made

I thought we would be together


On this road

 We called life

But, decisions were made

Some not necessarily right

So I say

What should have been said

Things that others wouldn’t dare

But our choices are ours alone

They make us stop and stare

At what we have


What should be

The worst decision

Ever made

Was thinking you could live life

Without me

“(c) Simone Holloway, 2014”

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