Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

I was listening to Andy Mineo’s song “Ghost” and I got to thinking….how many of us entertain ghosts? Ghostly people, ghostly heartbreaks, ghostly regrets, ghosts that haunt us when we are feeling low in our spirits about what we are experiencing with life. It’s as almost as if everyday is Halloween- a day of reflection for what is dead, for what is lost…

I’m reminded of the tragedy Hamlet, and how William Shakespeare wrote of Hamlet being visited by the apparition of his late father…haunting…calling…And like Hamlet, some of us are constantly visited by the apparitions of what if and what could of been and why not… These apparitions come to haunt us and to cause us to feel poorly about where we are and who surrounds us. Ghosts.

Last time I checked Ghosts were also classified as Spirits and last time I checked, they can be bound and sent to the pit of hell. We need to start binding the things that haunt us … we forfeit our authority as a result of pain. We were not created to be haunted, to be tormented, to constantly live life in regret. We were created to have dominion, to be loved and treasured, we we were created to win. So tonight let’s decide together to forever banish our ghosts, to make them vanish into thin air, to not allow them to have so much power over us. Tonight we lay our ghosts to rest and we command the haunting of our hearts to die. We release ourselves from our self torment tonight.

We say goodbye forever to our ghosts.

Until next time,
Mo 😀

Simone Holloway, 2015



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