The Search is Over

Have you ever searched for something for so long that by time you found what you was looking for, you forgot why you wanted that object in the first place?  I feel like I have been searching for love for so long that I forgot why I began my search in the first place.  it dawned on me last night that my search was over.  I was in mid-thought when it hit me like a pile of bricks that my search was over, the thing I wanted more than anything in the world was here and i could finally rest in it.  God was what I was searching for but I kept trying to find love in other things and people-just to come up short.  I found that as I placed my trust in Him and loved Him completely, He sent someone for me to share my love with.  That is how life works, things come when you are not expecting them to. 

Some of us have been on the same road, in the same tunnel for so long that when we approach the light on the other side, our eyes are blinded and we are stuck just standing in shock that we have made it to our destination.  That is how I felt last night. It was as if for the first time in my life, I was at such peace.  I did not know what was to come, but I was at such peace because of my trust in God.  His love filled me up and it made everything better.  My search is over, I’ve made it to my destination and now it’s time to rest in Him.


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