Senioritis: an epidemic


Hello friends, 

As you may know, graduation from Undergraduate is in two weeks and I feel myself procrastinating more as the time goes. I’ve been diagnosed with senioritis- the epidemic most seniors suffer from on the collegiate level.  Senioritis is characterized as a disease where individuals stop caring about school, tests, assignments, etc.  It is during this time, where stress should be high that the mind deals with anxiety in an opposite way- the mind convinces you not to care.  Crazy, huh? I think it has gotten worst as I received the various acceptances letters into law school.  My motivation for getting good grades became my excuse for slacking.  “I don’t need to  worry- I already got my future set.”   Does that sound familiar?  That is how I am feeling at this very moment, I am lacking motivation to study or care about studying or talk about the stressful environment I live in.  I just don’t care anymore.  There, I said it- I was completely honest with myself- I don’t care.  Friends, this feeling is not good.  What should I do?  Should I work harder and consume my thoughts of what I have to do in like three days?  Should I relax more and then get this feeling out of my system?  If you have any suggestions for my epidemic, comment or write me.  I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!! Thanks!  


Until next time, 



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