What do you love the most?

Hello friends!

It’s been a little while since we have last spoken.  I have been busy lately, dealing with the transitions of life.  With graduation in less than a month and the move to a new city for graduate school happening in 3 mos or so, I have been trying to wrap up the loose ends of my life while progressing forward.  I realized today that for the longest, I really did not have my priorities right.  You see, before today I loved everything else more than I loved God.  Well, you might be saying: “Mo, that’s pretty harsh”. It’s kind of harsh- I guess but it’s certainly true.  I loved my career, my schooling, my friends, former boyfriends, ambitions, and dreams more than I loved God.  Well how did I know that I was loving things more than God, I would put those things before God.  I placed,once upon a time, my own will before God.  i loved my sin more than I loved God.  I ran back to things that I knew God disapproved of because of my unclean desires and wants.  I loved things more than God.  

Want to hear some good news?  Today, for the first time in a really long time, I found myself loving God more than anything else.  I loved God more than my own selfish desires and needs.  I loved God more than my own ambitions.  I knew I loved God more when I found myself questioning my actions and words because I did not want to do or say anything that would make Him upset with me.  I sought today to make Him happy.  When you seek to make God happy with your life, you know that you genuinely love God more than anything else.  

We spend time with what we love the most.  How much time do we spend investing in our relationship with God?  How much time do we spend talking to Him?  How about the time spent trying to get to know Him through His word?  What do we love the most?  

I found out that I loved myself more than I loved God.  I placed myself first in everything than making God the first and foremost part of my life.  I said I loved God more than anything but my actions did not match up to my words. We can say we love God all we want to but unless our actions speak the same language of love, we are deceiving ourselves.  We love things more than God.   We love our kids more than  God.  We love our husbands/wives more than God.  We love our careers more than God.  How do we know?  We spend more time and energy investing in these relationships than in our relationship with God.

Don’t get me wrong, God wants us to have these relationships with others,  God wants us to be happy in our lives but He also would like to be loved more than anything.  He wants to be more than a Santa Claus in our lives, more than someone who blesses us and we acknowledge Him then in that moment but don’t acknowledge Him any other day.  God wants to be loved deeply by us and He wants us to experience His love.  

Today, when I told the Lord that I loved Him more than anything, I truly meant that.  That statement to the Lord was a statement of truth rather than something I thought God would have liked to hear from me.  I love God more than anything!  

This means that if I lost everything tomorrow, I would still love Him,  If my dreams never came true, I would still love Him.  If I never got married or had children, I would still love Him.  If I never became a lawyer, I would still love Him.  I will love the Lord for eternity and for the first time in my life- as I say that statement, I mean it.

 I love the Lord MORE than anything. 

Until next time,


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