Meet Chris…

Hello Authentic Lovers

As you know, I love sharing different opinions and point of views on this blog…so I am super excited to announce the addition of Chris Montgomery to the Authentic Love: God, Relationships and Life team!  Chris Montgomery is my big brother, a good friend and a prolific writer.  He has written various posts on social media about relationships and relationship maintenance . I am simply enamored by his wisdom and grace.  He is going to be a contributing author, offering to this blog different articles about relationships and God from a male perspective.

YAY!!!!  Can you tell that I AM SUPER PSYCHED???? 😉

Chris Montgomery

“Writing has become the canvas in which I freely craft words that inspire motivate and propel one into their best! 

Here has my heart set to scribe words of hope in this generation and the next.

May my words become My Legacy!”

Authentic Love Family….let’s welcome Chris Montgomery!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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