Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Happy Saturday!  This is my year of learning to multi-task.  That forgotten art that we as a society have reserved to working moms, talented artists and the people that seem like they can do it all.  I did not realize how much I needed to learn this ancient art, until school started back and there seemed to be something scheduled for every single day of the week,  There’s class, workouts, social events/mixers, church, rehearsals, and everything else known to man- INSANITY.  As I release the brunt of the pressure off of my self to maintain and place my hope and trust in the Lord- this familiar passage of scripture comes to mind…

Philippians 4:13 states”  I can do all things, through Christ who gives me strength.”  Such a simple phrase of empowerment but super packed with grace all at the same time.  This passage doesn’t automatically create within me this superpower, and I’m some type of mutated human of power and authority but rather, it allows me to recognize where my strength comes from- Christ. It is with this hope that I create and try to maintain a rigorous schedule.  I never thought this year would feel like a blur after starting less than a week ago, but time moves fast and what once cut it for effort and performance, does not cut it any longer.

Friends, please be encouraged.  You do not have to live this life doing it all on your own in your own strength- but you can rely heavily on the Father who is more than willing to help you!  Have a great day and we’ll speak soon.

Until next time,



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