What good is a home without a solid foundation?

Sojourning Into the Land of “Unfamiliar”

Today, I’m reminded of Abraham. God told him to leave his family’s house and all that he knew to go to a place that would be shown to him. It wasn’t like God said leave your family and move to Egypt or some other concrete place near the Mediterranean. No, God said leave all that you are familiar with to go to a place that I will eventually show you. If I was Abraham, I don’t know if I would have been able to leave everything and follow- but that is exactly what Abraham did. He left all that he was familiar with and He left to go to a place that he had no idea existed.

Until The Very Last Minute

We say we will believe God’s word until the very last minute, but when He comes to test our belief : is our statement actually true?

An Evident Shift

If only we would endure…then we would see the hand of God moving in our lives.

The Spirit Of Expectancy

Expect, anticipate, and hope in the Lord because He’s going to come through and when He comes, He is coming quickly.

A Matter Of Convenience

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- So I was reading my devotional this morning( I’m doing this study at Elisha and faith, etc.), when the writer posed such a brilliant question: Do you believe and act on faith all the time or just when it’s convenient for you? I don’t really know about…

Anticipate Greatness

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- Today is a great day!  I’ve learned that it is better in life to anticipate good than to always look for bad.  As you anticipate greatness, greatness comes back to you and it manifests itself  in your life.  The same works for negativity and bad- when you…