I Am Too Proud To Beg

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Pre-Christmas Week!  I’m home for the holidays and I can feel the hustle and bustle of excitement in the air.  It’s been a while since we’ve talked, so I thought I would share something with each of you tonight.

As I began to gear up for dinner prep, I began to think about the holidays as a whole.  As many of you know, I ended a long-term relationship this past July.  Before this final break up, I was stuck in this on again- off again whirlwind of a relationship.  I spent seven years devoted to this rescue project, who did not acknowledge my own value to invest the same.  It was a living nightmare.  The sad part of this whole fiasco was every Christmas I would do the absolute most to convince him that I was “it.”  It was as if in my mind the magic of Christmas would cure our toxic relationship.  Slowly but surely, I awakened to myself, and now I am convinced that I deserve better.

Ladies and gents, this is the first Christmas in a long time that I am truly single.  I mean single-single.  I am single in my mind, heart, body, I belong to God and me alone.  Christmas is not my favorite holiday because of whose attached to me (contrary to Hallmark Channel’s popular belief), neither does this holiday bring me joy because of who is sitting at my dinner table.  Christmas is my favorite holiday because its the day God in goodness full of love gave the world a gift that was too good for it:  His Son.  He loved me enough to give me a piece of himself. And if the Creator gave himself so freely, why on earth should I have to beg someone to love me well?  I don’t.  Point, blank, periodt!

Friends, it took me seven years to learn that I deserved better.  Seven long, teary-eyed, exhausting years.  Now that I recognize my worth, I’m not begging anyone else to.  I know that I’m beautiful,  I know that I’m dope, I know that I’m wife material.  I understand that I am God’s gift to humanity, that I’ve been fashioned in gentleness and grace, that my class and elevated thinking is one to die for.  I know who I am.  And this awareness of me has shifted my whole approach to relationships.  Friends, know thyself!  Recognize the goodness that lies within you and refuse to beg anyone else to see what’s inside- especially someone with no vision, no goals, no ambition and a little to no future.

Be too proud of yourself to beg!



I’m Proud of You

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

The best words we can hear from anyone in our lives are “I’m so proud of you!”.  These words fill us up and makes us feel good on the inside.  My dad has a tendency to say these words to me randomly, in the spur of the moment.  I used to brush these moments aside as if they were nothing but as I got older I came to realize the significance of these tender moments with him.  My dad is very affectionate and loving but he doesn’t say a whole lot.  He is a man of few words- so when he sits you down and tells you how much he loves and appreciates you, this is a big deal!  He always looks me in the eyes and say “Baby girl, I’m proud of you!  I’m proud of the young woman you have become.”  These words bring such joy to my heart and they encourage me to continue living life the way that I do.  So today, I decided that I would like to share that same joy with you.   So, I repeat to you the same words spoken by my father to me- “I’m proud of you!  I’m proud of the woman/man that you have become.” I hope that your heart is warmed with the knowledge that someone believes in you and thinks highly of the life that you choose to live.  I love you guys and hope you guys have a great rest of your day!!!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

P.S.  Even if no one else believes in you, I believe.  Even if your dad has nothing positive to say to you, I speak positive things into your life.  Even if your family doesn’t think highly of you, I think highly of you- so does God and His opinion trumps the opinions of others.  Be encouraged and hang in there!