The darkness comes each time, each year;

During what’s supposed to be the season of wonder and cheer.

Like a thief in the night, the sadness steals pieces of priceless joy.

It reminds me of terrible memories, involving a terrible boy.

I thought I escaped this tradition; I thought by now this would end.

Until one day, at my desk, the tear-fest began.

My inner critic scolded me, it cried in disbelief.

“Simone, you should be happy. At least you’re free!”

“You’re right.” I replied, “What in the world am I doing?”

I was better off without him, I was not the one losing.

Yet our phantom soul ties are bullies and make us believe otherwise.

These little monsters mask the truth in loneliness, fear and lies.

Memories will advocate on the behalf of what’s relationally dead;

And before you know it, you’re sad when there is so much more ahead.

So, my dear friends, these are some words I speak to you;

Keep your heart open to wisdom and you will find them to be true.

Don’t mourn that which is not worthy; do not cry over spilled milk.

Lovely, do not waste time giving attention to things of a toxic ilk.

Be vocal and be honest, about the condition of your heart;

Utilize your community, welcome them into the process – let them be apart.

For you were created for a bright future, you was made to be loved well.

Send every lie and guilty feeling straight to the pits of hell!




This morning, I felt the sadness coming and I said not today.

I rather be alone than place my relational future in disarray.

©Simone Holloway, 2019

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