The Three Hundred.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers-

Happy Monday! I hope you all are having a great day.  Today I wanted to encourage you all to dream, to believe the impossible and to pursue after those things you’ve placed on your dream shelves.  We all have dreams we thought about once upon time but did nothing with, all of us.  I dreamed of traveling around the world, and I have not made it across the pond just yet.  For the longest, I blamed my hectic schedule and the presence of being in law school.  However, now that I’ve graduated there is really no excuse for me to not find my way somewhere new.

Last week, my sisters challenged me to write down three hundred things that I wanted the Lord to do in my life.  Three hundred individual,  unique, and crazy dreams.  I thought about the request and at first I was like how am I going to think of three hundred things?  How sway?  One of my sisters shared with us that the Father spoke to her and was like if you are having trouble thinking of three hundred things it is a matter of faith not a matter of possibilities.  To ask the Lord for something requires faith, and maybe we do not even think to ask because deep down in our hearts we believe that He won’t come through.  It is the Enemy’s goal to have us living beneath our purpose, settling for whatever we’ve been given refusing to ask, to dream and to act on what we’ve dreamed with the Lord.  Writing down our dreams is not only powerful but prophetic- it’s our signal to the Lord that we believe He can do anything!

So, friends I wrote my list of three hundred crazy, impossible dreams.  Today, I realized that there were more dreams to add to my list and I believe that my heart has been freed to dream.  Lovelies, tonight I challenge you to sit with the Lord and build your own list of three hundred things.  Think about and write down three hundred crazy, unique, impossible dreams that you believe the Lord can do.  My list included learning new trades and languages, owning various pieces of property, getting married and having children.  Also, my list included creating scholarship funds for a certain demographic of people and providing for the needs of millions of individuals.  Think about your dreams, ponder them and write them down in faith believing that you in partnership with the Lord can make these dreams come true.

Happy dreaming!





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