The Three Most Dangerous Words

      There are three words that have the power to make or break us.  These words can make us feel extremely happy or send us into a depression that is too deep to escape from.  The three most dangerous words known to mankind are: I Love You.  These words carry so much weight yet they are said so lightly.  I remember talking with a friend and she opened up the floor of conversation to the use of the words “I love you”.  She asked me how frequently I used those three words.  I replied, nonchalantly “Not too often, just enough”.  “What does that mean? “ She pressed as we sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee. “I don’t know, I say it when someone says it to me.”  Thinking back on that confession, I realized that our society has caused us to be so immune to the power of those three simple words: I Love You. Image

       Love is an action word.  Love was shown in the most exemplar fashion when Christ, out of love, died for mankind.  Love has to be proven when spoken or it means nothing.  When someone tells an individual that they love them but are not there for them, do not call to see how they are doing, and are not concerned about their welfare- their words of love are like poison, killing the individuals from the inside out. 

        Love becomes a remedy when it’s used properly.  It has the power to heal, restore, birth purpose and change lives when shown as effectively as spoken.  Christ showed His Love.  He did not just give us a bunch of empty words meaning nothing, but instead gave up His life to prove His love.  He took three dangerous words and created three words of hope: I  Love You.  


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