First of all, I would like to apologize to those that follow this blog.  I have been away from my writing chair just long enough to realize that I missed sharing my thoughts with you concerning this journey we call life.  Lately, I’ve been diving in to the theme of love and how God feels about the essence of our love but today I woke up with a new perspective that is still worthy of being in this blog.  I woke up thinking about life in itself, what are we living for?  Today, I’m going to share a story with you and maybe then you will begin to see life as more than your job, to-do list, ambitions and plans but rather as a breath of fresh air waiting to be enjoyed. 

Yesterday around 3pm , I got hit while driving to a friend’s house.  i know what you might be thinking, that’s no big deal.  Right,  the fact of the matter is , I got hit on my right side-head on full frontal with no time to respond, stop or anything.  Your interest might have just piqued a little more.  I lost consciousness and opened my eyes to see my car spinning, airbags deployed and white smoke burning my face like no other.  At the same time, I saw a bright light, filled with peace as if I could touch the glow of the sun.   How is this a big deal? It was raining yesterday and there was no sun in sight.  I got out of my vehicle and as I tried to stand I passed out and hit the pavement.  I kept thinking to myself, “If this is it, I’m good” but recanted my statement and said “Lord, I can’t leave I haven’t done anything yet” ( meaning my purpose here on the Earth) .  i opened my eyes to firemen, ems, my friend praying over me and just plain fear.   I should have been dead but I was alive, alive and injured.   I prayed, my lips were swollen and all but I spoke to God in the midst of my fear and I spoke these words: Lord God I thank you for protecting me, i don’t know what’s next but Lord Jesus I trust you and I love you in Jesus’ name Amen.   I held on to those words searching for some hope.  Around 7pm I walked out of the hospital with swollen lips and a grateful heart, and I felt like I  was finally waking up to the world. 


So today, I ask – what am I living for?  why does it matter? and when I get to Heaven, did I love like he loved?  For the rest of my life , I will never forget Sept 12, 2013 because it forced me to wake up and see life differently.

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