A Taco, a Sierra Mist and A smile

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers –

It’s Wednesday! And to tell you the truth, this day so far has been one of the best. I just got a free moment to chat and ladies and gents *drum roll  please* I just ate one of the best tacos ever. Taco Bell does not compare to the tacos from this food truck that comes to my job on a regular basis. The food truck is called the automatic taco and darlings. … they make some GOOD food. I had the Korean Pork belly taco which was 😍😍😍. That taco is bae. Period. The meat was perfectly tender and the sauce was so good I almost returned for another taco! The braised beef taco that I ate was so delicious, it did not take long before the taco was gone and making its way toward the digestive tract. A smile filled my face as the sunshine said hello and good food entered my belly…. God has a way of reminding us that he’s near us when we least expect Him to.

So friends if you’re in the Greenville, SC area check out my friends at the Automatic Taco- I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ll supply a pic of the business card with more info below πŸ‘‡



Be blessed fam & happy eating!!!

Until next time,


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