Holiday Anxiety

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Happy pre-holiday season, with Thanksgiving approaching in the next few days, some of you may be feeling the what I describe as “holiday anxiety.”  It’s this dreading feeling that comes when you know you have to be surrounded by family and answer a bunch of aggravating questions.  As a newly single walking embodiment of awesomeness, I hate all of the aggravating questions that come with being seated at the family dinner table.  I don’t know about you all, but I feel like we live in a world where we are always asked to supply answers to questions that we simply don’t have the answer to.  For example, “How long will you be single?”; “When are you going to have some kids?”; “Girl, why you ain’t got a boyfriend?; “Girl, when are you getting married?”  In my heart I want to scream, “I DON’T KNOW, DO I LOOK LIKE GOD?”  but on the outside, I smile gracefully and say, “I don’t know.  I’ll let you know when I find out.”  I’m not going to let them know… I’m going to make all my announcements after the fact on social media.  My family will find out about my life choices when the world finds out. Trifling?  Yeah, I know.

Ladies and Gents, If you’re like me, I feel your pain and I understand your holiday anxiety.  But more so, I sense the temptation to return to my past due to my own loneliness.  It’s like Lord, you separated me from what I was in before but because of my own desires to be held and to be in a relationship, I feel tempted to return back to that which you’ve set me free from.  I believe that many of you are facing the same temptation, the temptation to return back to your past. This overwhelming temptation to settle for what you’ve been freed from out of convenience and loneliness.  This, I believe is the reason many of us have found ourselves at a crossroads:  Do we return to what the Lord asked us to leave?  Or, do we wait for what He promised?  I had a choice, return back to my ex so I can finally have an “answer” pleasing to men or to wait for what the Lord promised which is better!

Anyways, I can’t tell you all how to live your life.  All I’ll say is do not forfeit your future for the temporary conveniences of today.  So, here I go approaching this awkward time with boldness and depth reminding myself of the truth: I’m happy, I’m content,  and I’m waiting and that my dears will have to be enough.




12 Days of Love Letter Writing

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Those who know me, know that I LOVE opportunities to share  love and light to the world. Any chance that I can get to bring a smile to a face, makes me extremely happy and fulfilled.  SO… I happened to come across another opportunity and I wanted to share this one with you!

There is a beautiful organization called More Love Letters  and these amazing human beings, spread light and love into the world by collecting love letters for individuals who are either going through a hard time, need a little encouragement or just need to be reminded that they matter and that the world cares.  This Holiday season, they are doing a 12 days of Love Letter Writing Campaign.  Each day, participants receive a story of a letter candidate and have the opportunity to write a letter to that individual.  The letters are bundled and sent to the individual during the holidays.

This year, I am writing love letters and would love for YOU to join me!  I could use YOUR help in spreading light and love to those who need it most.

You know what’s so great about this opportunity??? The cost is roughly NOTHING… all you need is a little stationary, a stamp and a little bit of time; and you’ve got everything you need to make someone’s day!  Isn’t that AMAZING? I think so…  So, come join the fun!

Will you join me? The campaign is running from December 4th to the 15th

Today’s letters are being written to the beautiful IRENE. Check out her story below!

“Irene is the strongest woman I know. After her husband unexpectedly died after the birth of their fifth child, this young nurse did what was necessary–working long hours to support her children on her own, even at the expense of her personal life. I have never heard her complain once about her lot in life.

Irene now has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She never forgot a birthday, and holidays with her were filled with homemade cookies and cheer. In her later years, she’s been happily living on her own in an independent living apartment. Recently though, she suffered a sacral fracture, sending her to the hospital. We are hopeful she can return to her apartment, however, that may realistically not happen. She’s very sharp mentally, but her always able body is feeling the wear and tear of age.

This setback has understandably dimmed Irene’s ever-bright light. This once positive, loving figure is now feeling the weight of not being able to live on her own. She does not want to spend her remaining time in a hospital bed or in a nursing home, but her optimism is waning.”

Let’s write to Irene and encourage + support her during this difficult season.” 


ALL LETTERS CAN BE MAILED TO: Irene’s Bundle c/o Anna B. 451 Acequia Madre, Santa Fe, NM 87505 USA. 

So… grab a pen, paper, turn the Christmas music all the way UP and join me in spreading cheer to those in need this  holiday season!  Let’s strive to love well.

Until next time,

Simone ❤


Links with info and all that jazz… (campaign website) (FAQs & other concerns)




Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

For many the holidays suck!  I think it’s a time when people truly realize the depth of their loneliness.  As a single woman, I am more aware of my singleness around the holidays.  I go home, sit with family and friends and see the stark contrast of my life from those I hold dear.  There are individuals all around the world that feel lonely, depressed and just icky around this holiday season!

About two years ago, I stumbled upon a website called More Love Letters- a movement that advocate for individuals to write love letters to strangers who are in need of a little love and encouragement to make it through life.  Organizations that are super intentional about sharing love and light make me smile, so I thought I would share that resource with each of you.  This holiday season, I am committing to writing love letters- so that I can bring some love to those that feel alone this season.  In fact, I would encourage you all to write some letters of encouragement and leave them at your favorite coffee shops, your go-to bakery and that restuarant you were dying to check out.  Spend a few days spreading love and light to those around you!

If you are interested in becoming more involved, or you would like to join me in writing these letters- check out: ; or you can email me at and join me in this effort.  If you need a letter/ a pick me up of encouragement because life is a little hard right now, let me know and I’ll write you a letter.  You are so valued, cherished, loved and you should know that!

You matter.

Happy Writing!

Until next time,




Lessons from Lifetime Lovers

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today is my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, if that isn’t adorable then  I don’t know what is.  Yep!  25 years ago, today, my parents pledged to love each other forever.  I’ve watched my parent’s marriage over the years and I am so amazed by their level of love, not only for each other but for others.  I am amazed by their capacity to love!  Anyways… as a special homage to them, I thought I would share the lessons I have learned from these lifetime lovers.

#1Love is for a lifetime.  My parents through their love have taught me that love is for a lifetime.  Love is not a feeling for a mere moment, it’s not something that passes with time- but love is a commitment that is established forever. To them, falling out of love is not an option and divorce is never on the table.  My dad told me that when he saw my mother, he knew in that instant that he wanted to spend forever with her.  He knew that what God placed inside of him could only be cultivated out of him by her… PURE SWEETNESS.  It’s amazing that after 25 years, he still remembers the moment that he saw her like yesterday, he was captivated by the essence of who she is.  According to my parents, their love is supposed to lasts forever and though it may not always be easy, they are so willing to work through life together.

#2Love is not about convenience.  My parents believe that love is actually about the opposite, a willingness to inconvenience oneself for the good of another.  This ideal of selfless love is the same love exemplified in Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death on the cross.  My parents believe that when you commit to someone, you are no longer living for yourself but you are living to benefit/make better someone else.  It’s crazy how much love has become a selfish ideal, centered around the feelings of oneself. In society, we are taught that love is about oneself and not about those around us… My dad loves my mother and even us his children so much that he will get up in the middle of the night and get us what we need if necessary.  My mom loves my dad and us her children so much that she is so willing to give of herself.  For example, every job my mom has ever worked has been centered around my sister and I’s school schedule.  My mom thought it was really important that she spent that time taking us to and picking us up from school.  She did not desire for my sister and I to become “latch key” kids, so she inconvenienced herself for us.  That is love, the willingness to give up your own desires for the good of someone else.

#3– Love without God is not love.  My parents’ marriage is centered around their own individual relationships with Christ.  Their marriage is built in their view of love and compassion exemplified by Christ.  This, I believe is the secret to the joy in their marriage.  God is the creator of love.  He is love so love absent of Him is not love.  I had to swallow this hard pill, over and over again. From personal experience, I thought I could get love without God but in the end, I was left heartbroken.  The beauty about God’s love is that it is unconditional, it has nothing to do with our own condition or with what we can bring to the table but rather with the essence of who He is.  God loves us forever. As I watched my parents love God individually and together, I realized that His love for them is exemplified in how they love one another.  They love so freely without shame or condemnation. The love with everything inside of them.  They love consistently.  They love so well… and that’s how God loves us, He loves us well.

Friends, I’ve been blessed to have such an amazing model of love and marriage in my life.  I know that today, the love I’ve witnessed is becoming more and more rare but I believe that this lifetime love is available for everyone.  I used to hate Valentine’s Day, lament about it being Singles’ Awareness Day and just lived a life of bitterness about my status and lack of “love”. However, this year- I am content because I understand that I am loved whether someone is by my side or not.  I am loved by the Creator and that is enough!  I believe that God has a lifetime lover for me and He is preparing us to come into union with one another.  One day I will have a side-by-side of my parents wedding photo with mine and I will remember the days that I felt unloved no more.  Be encouraged! You are loved already and when that amazing person comes into your life, you will forget the moments that you ever felt unloved.  Happy Valentine’s Day and love well!

Until next time,


Happy Christmas

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Happy Holidays!  I wish you all an amazing Christmas season, filled with joy and love.  I know that for some of you all, Christmas is a hard time. It’s a time when you’re reminded of loss of family, your status of singleness, and just the fact that you are spending this time alone.  But, be of good cheer!  You have a whole family, here, ready to love you and encourage you throughout this time.

Once upon a time, I used to dread the holidays; but then I realized that I am so blessed. I have an amazing family who loves me for me, wonderful friends and I am living my dream.  So, I would like to encourage each of you to find the blessings in your lives, the little miracles that holds an eternal smile on your faces.  I believe that God works all around us to remind us that we have so much more than what we think.  We have Him, friends, roofs over our heads, clean water and we live (well some of us) in a country that affords us amazing freedoms.  I am truly blessed and even though I may not have a significant other or a spouse, I am not alone because God is with me.  One of my favorite verses to dwell on during the holidays is Matt. 28:20 b, which says “… And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”  We are never alone.  May you find comfort in this verse and realize that He is all around you with his arms open wide- ready to love you well.

I believe that Christmas is not about gifts and material things but about loving others well. I believe that Christmas is about spreading joy and sharing the greatest gift of Christ with the world. For it is my belief, that the day this sweet baby boy came to the world- the world was changed forever.  Jesus came to change the world.  He came to bring hope and to bring love to the outsiders.  He came to bring joy to the depressed, to rescue those who were hanging on by a wing and a prayer.  He came for broken people, for those that people gave up on, for those that were deemed to be unlovable.  Jesus came for you and me and it was with compassion and love that he entered into our world ready to give up everything for us.  He loves us well and during this season, may we share his love with others and love well.

Anyways…family, I love each and everyone of you.  Thank you guys for sticking with me over the  years.  Thank you for reading my posts, thank you for your comments, thank you for investing in me as I seek to pour into each and every one of you.  You guys have loved me well over these past few years and for that I am so grateful!  Thank you for being my family during some of the hardest seasons of my life and  I pray that God will pour His  love out on each and every one of you.  You guys have loved me well and I seek  to continue to love each and every one of you. MERRY CHRISTMAS FAMILY!!!! 

Until next time,



Vacations, Birthdays and Gratitude

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

God is good!  That is my simple declaration for the day regardless of what it looks like, regardless of what it feels like- God is good.  I just got home from Orlando and it was wonderful!  I love vacations, birthdays, anniversaries; really any need for celebrations.  I love to celebrate.  I think that life has a way of sucking the life out of us, it has a way of taking our joy and stealing our peace.  Life has this dark, depressing way of ruining our dreams and reminding us of all of our failures.  This is why I love celebrations, because it’s God’s way of causing us to reflect on life with complete gratitude.  Yes, life may not be the best- but we are alive and therefore, God is good.  Yes, the struggle is real- but regardless, God is good.  Celebrations have a way of filling our hearts with gratitude.

My family and I vacationed in Orlando for my mother’s birthday. It was nice seeing my mom relax for a change.  Sometimes, ministry stresses us out and we need a little more grace to make it from day to day- just a little bit more.  I think my mom needed a little bit more grace and just a few days to get away from all of the responsibility that has been placed on her shoulders- so we went on vacation.  My mom was so carefree; I watched as she laughed more, smiled more, and just had an awesome time. Her happiness made me happy and I began to reflect on the goodness of God towards His people.

I think God has a way of slowing down time; a simple way for us to see the world around us.  He has a way of showing us that glimmer of light in the midst of darkness.  He shows us the light so that we may have hope, hope that everything though it may appear dark and dim will be alright.  He is light.  He is hope.  He is good.

So today, Happy Monday and please reflect on the goodness of God.  I know life is tough.  I know life can take you for a whirl.  I know life has this tendency to try your faith, but have hope in God.  Look for the light in the midst of the darkness and understand that there is always hope because He is good.  Today, be filled with gratitude and love for our Creator!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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Daddy Issues

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers that I have the pleasure of sharing my life with everyday.  I appreciate you and all that you do for your children.  FATHERS you are SOOOO important!!!! Really, your presence in your child’s life makes a real difference.  I was blessed to have an amazing dad, and his wisdom and love has changed my life forever.

Whether we realize it or not, a person’s relationship with their father affects their relationships with others.  I have had so many relationships with men with “daddy issues”, which results in this apparent insecurity in regards to their ability to be a “man.”  I have been in relationships with guys that didn’t know their dad or their dad wasn’t the best positive influence in their life- this results in trust issues, love issues, lack of intimacy and affection and all kinds of problems for the relationship.  Fathers, your presence is not only important but life-changing.

Well…. what about women?  Do they have issues when their dad is not in place? Yes!  A lot of problems, such as understanding their identity, abandonment issues, trust in men issues, this idea that they have to consistent protect themselves and sometimes this obsessional search for love that leads to empty sex with random individuals.  Promiscuity has been produced in the absence of men in their daughters lives…emotional/physical abuse has been produced in the absence of fathers in their daughter’s lives.  SO FATHERS YOU ARE SOOOOO IMPORTANT!!!!

So I want to encourage the fathers that are giving their all to their kids- KEEP BEING A GOOD DAD!!!! KEEP AT IT !!!! To those who are not where you’re supposed to be, there’s still time to make things right.  The same way our Heavenly Father reaches out to us and make things right, you have the ability to make things right with your children because your presence is very important for their life.  We thank God for our single-mothers, for the women that are occupying two positions in strength and grace – but if you can be a dad, be one.

Emulate our Heavenly Father, and enjoy the blessings that come your way!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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May you find your soulmate…

that person that make you catch your breath as they walk through the door

that person that makes everything in life sure 

that person that seek to make you smile 

that person that make your heart skip for miles

May you find your better half…

that person that makes life worthwhile 

that person who’s number is the only one you want to dial 

that person whose laughter becomes your song 

that person that makes your spirit strong 

May you find your rib…

that person that was designed for you 

that person that through every storm is willing to go through 

that person that is loyal and true

that person that you just knew – was for you 

May you find the love of your life…

that person that cultivate your dreams 

that person that effortlessly seem

to make life better 

May you find your living love letter….

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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No Longer In The Trenches

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Happy Memorial Day!  This title came to me in prayer this afternoon.  I was praying concerning a situation, and what came to my spirit was “No longer in the trenches.” I believe that some of us have been going through some serious warfare, whether it’s warfare on our jobs or in our homes or etc.  This warfare has gotten so intense, that we hopped back into the trenches to take cover and regain strength to fight again.  There’s nothing wrong with spending a moment in the trenches, but after awhile we have to get back out there and fight for what God has promised us.

The Enemy, through our return to the trenches- He begins to think that we are weak, that we are retreating and He runs havoc in our lives.  He uses anything to break us down and He smothers us in our problems, thinking that if we lack hope- we’ll give up and throw in the towel .  But I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in this war with God for too long to just give up.  I’ve been doing this for too long, not to win!

I believe that today, in the irony of this holiday, the Holy Spirit quicken my spirit to get out of the trenches and to return to war.  He empowered me to war for my family, to war for my friends, to war for my better half.  He empowered me to war, because in Christ Jesus – those who war, win!  I encourage you to get out of the trenches and to return to the battlefield; armed in prayer, the word and the power of the Holy Spirit.  You will win, as you place your trust in Him!

So stand with me as a fellow believer, determined to be no longer in the trenches. God bless and Happy Memorial Day!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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