May you find your soulmate…

that person that make you catch your breath as they walk through the door

that person that makes everything in life sure 

that person that seek to make you smile 

that person that make your heart skip for miles

May you find your better half…

that person that makes life worthwhile 

that person who’s number is the only one you want to dial 

that person whose laughter becomes your song 

that person that makes your spirit strong 

May you find your rib…

that person that was designed for you 

that person that through every storm is willing to go through 

that person that is loyal and true

that person that you just knew – was for you 

May you find the love of your life…

that person that cultivate your dreams 

that person that effortlessly seem

to make life better 

May you find your living love letter….

©Simone Holloway, 2015

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