Today was a great day!  This has been the result of many days lately and I think it’s because I am choosing to trust God and rely on Him.  Anyways, today was the day I made the declaration that I have been wishing to be true for so long.  Today was the day that I embraced my freedom:  I am free.  I have been talking about the power of transparency and it’s path to freedom, but like many of you I was on the journey to freedom.  The journey to freedom from low self-esteem,  freedom from loneliness and rejection, freedom from insecurities and destructive habits and addictions.  I was on my journey to freedom but did not fully embrace freedom or believe that I could be free.  Today, however, I embraced my freedom.  I embraced being completely free; mentally, emotionally, physically and finally spiritually.  FREE.  

There is a Kierra Sheard song that I love, it’s called Free. The lyrics are:

My redeemer has saved me from sin.

My soul is awakened,  I live 

Free from what held me 

Free from what fought me


Mentally, You captured me

In my mind I am free

In my heart, If I am yours

I am free

After spending some time with God, I began to hum the lyrics to this song and cry realizing that I had reached my freedom.  I was completely free.  I was healed from past hurts and pains, I was free from the memories of disappointment, I was free from negative spoken words, I was free.  I am free.  Once I embraced my freedom, everything connected to me became free.  I am free.  

Maybe many of you were like me on a journey for a long time, searching for this freedom.  Maybe you like me, have tried to find this freedom in many things such as people,activities,communities and family and was still dissatisfied.  If you are looking for freedom, true freedom only comes through God. He makes you free.  His love sets you free and His word keeps you free.  I’ve experienced the power of His love and word combined to produce my freedom.  God made me free and no devil in hell will ever take this freedom from me, it’s too precious to let go.  I AM FREE!  


Kierra Sheard’s Song “Free” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOlQ4iz6jr8




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