How’s that for communication?

Many people that know me, know that I am in love with criminal dramas.  SERIOUSLY, I love criminal dramas.  I love the idea of a daily case that needs to be solved each week in 60 minutes of less.  I absolutely love the idea of a team working together to save the country from national security threats.  During my Tuesday night binge sessions of good television, for a moment I can let my imagination run wild and create alternate endings and new beginnings.  

My favorite criminal drama is NCIS: Los Angeles.  My friends already know that on Tuesdays at 9/8c I am not to be disturbed because that’s NCIS LA time.  They already know.  I sit in front of the TV with a meal and just let my mind absorb the complexities of the characters in front on me. Being a romantic, I enjoy the new found relationship of two of my favorite characters: Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks.  Other NCIS fans know these two as Densi.  I love the notion of Densi because for me it’s believable.  Two partners who work together, share meals together, talk about life together, some how realize that they care about each other immensely and have  to decide whether or not they move into this romance or protect their friendship.  Why fix something that isn’t broken right?  The problem with this retreat of emotion is that it does not satisfy the both of them and then they seek to be more in each other’s lives. These feelings affect their work, their  level of communication with each other and ultimately their views of their separate personal lives and future. What do they do?  They go for it!  They take the risk and become a couple ( in so many words).  They realize that they need each other more than anything else in the world and they adjust to whatever comes with them being together or apart.  I’ll leave the story line there for anyone who would like to revisit season 5 on their own.  

The issue I saw with these two is their lack of communication.  They both struggled to say exactly what they are feeling and to express themselves in their most vulnerable place.  Torture, hardship, PTSD, and haunting of the past forced them to see life in a different way and to address what was in front of them. This process of enlightenment took 2-3 seasons and over 50 episodes (can someone say a long journey?) If I would relate this is to real life, apart of TV land, how long does it take us to go after what we want?  How long does it take for us to realize that we love someone and that we would do anything to make them happy?  How long?  50 episodes? 3 months? 4 years?  These are the questions we need to ask ourselves.  Some of us are working with our soul mates, some of us go to church with the loves of our lives.  Some of us have met our husband/wife to be at the coffee shop, grocery store, neighbor’s house and have let our own insecurities, our past and etc keep us away from experiencing the joy of being loved completely.  We have built walls, we have dismissed the signs, we have bolted like a deer in headlights and ran away from what was placed into our lives to help us grow.  Am I saying that the person in your life is the “one”?  No.  I don’t know who “the one” is for you but I do know that you’ll know when you find him/her.  I know that God has created a person for you, the same way CBS created Kensi Blye for Marty Deeks.  Don’t wait until some life altering situation to tell that person that you care about them.  Don’t wait until you might not have a chance to say how you feel to open your mouth and share your heart with them.  Say what you mean and live what you say.  How’s that for communication?


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