I Love Me

Hello old friends, fellow bloggers and new followers-

Today has been an amazing day so far, I have no complaints.  As a college graduate (*pause* YAY!!!!!!!!), I know- you guys are happy for me :), I have spent the day in reflection mode- considering the important lessons learned.  The one thing I learned over the course of this school year and now as I transition into the summer, I learned to love me.  This blog is about God, love, relationships and life- but after all this time, I have finally learned to love me for me.  I learned to love all of myself; my flaws, weaknesses, strengths, beauty, intelligence, etc.  I learned to love me; with all my mess and mistakes, with the cracks and flaws, all of me.  This feeling is something that I can not even describe to you, it’s like the warmth of a good chocolate chip cookie- all ooey and gooey inside.  This love takes over and it heals, strengthens, and beautifies.  This love is one amazing love!

I learned that you can’t truly love someone else until you love yourself.  You can’t appreciate someone else’s beauty until you can appreciate your own and you can’t see goodness in others until you recognize the good that is within you.

By learning to love myself, I am now free to love someone else completely, and he is free to completely love me.  God is so amazing and His love is so right …it produces that ooey gooey feeling that is inside of our hearts and it’s warmth carries us even on the coldest of days.  Because I am loved by Him and He has placed His love inside of me, I can love someone with this warm type of love and feel no shame, guilt,or embarrassment.  Sometimes we feel guilty for indulging in this type of love , but at the end of the day- we don’t deserve this unconditional warm love but it is freely given to us and in return we should freely give it to another.

Now that I love myself, I won’t allow old insecurities to contaminate my love for another.  Now that I love myself, I won’t feel the need to validate myself through the love of another.  Now that I love myself, I won’t sabotage future relationships because I don’t think I deserve to be loved with the love of Christ – an unconditional, no strings attached type of love.  Now that I love myself, I can freely love someone else without the constant image of hurt and disappointment, replaying in my mind.  Because Christ loves me and I love me, now- I can love someone else!

 Until next time,


P.S. The one who wins my heart is going to love me for me….Afro and all lol. afro


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