Puzzle Pieces

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

It’s been a month of little to none inspiration, and the lack of inspiration destroy writers.  This has been my conundrum as I seek to maintain an audience and still share the truth.  But lately through my interactions with those around me, I noticed a familiar epidemic stemming in the relationships of those I know: the epidemic of discontentment.

Oh discontentment- that harsh disease that all of us find ourselves having once upon a time.  Discontent with our lives, with those in our lives, and with our livelihood.  There is nothing worst than sticking with something or someone out of convenience.  How many of us  are living in things and with things out of convenience?

A thought came to me last night, that maybe our lives are like puzzle pieces coming together to create a  beautiful picture.  The deal with puzzle pieces are, each piece is either going to fit or it will not.  We can try to jam a piece into the puzzle to complete it but the picture will still remain incomplete, look awkward and still won’t truly show the beauty it was created to demonstrate.   Life is the same way, people will either fit or they won’t- and when we try to make people who don’t fit, fit so badly, things get awkward and uncomfortable and we find our selves still in search for that person who is supposed to fit.

What about this thought?  What if we are just occupying space in the lives of others- taking up the space of their perfect fit?  What if we are standing in the way of our own happiness?  What if we are our own hindrance?

Sometimes we are so frustrated with our current relationships, yet we don’t leave.  Why is that? Why don’t we strive to be with our fit ( imperfect at best) but yet ours? Let’s stand out of our own way, and look to be in “purpose”.  Purpose sometimes mean saying goodbye to things and people that do not belong to you and striving to obtain all that do.  Purpose is more important than convenience and fitting one with another is more important than settling into misery.

Find your fit, do it on purpose!

Until next time,




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