Above all else, I wish that you’ll be safe… the comfort of knowing that harm will not greet you tonight. the idea that your soul and spirit can be at peace- because they are locked away from the damaging occurrences of the world… I want you to be safe. You’re safe here with me… ©Simone…

Overwhelming Joy

I hope for you a joy that is overwhelming  life-giving and satisfying. A joy that plants a permanent smile  on your lips. A joy that flows down to your hips  causing you to sway-  enveloped in praise. An overwhelming joy is my wish for you.  ©Simone Holloway, 2015 Featured Image Credit:


May you find your living love letter….


I desire that you smile that you find reasons to smile as much as possible… I want you to smile so much- so that your face reflects the joy experienced, in spending time with me… I desire that you smile, radiating the beauty of all  your 32s- so that the world may get a sneak…


“I lied…. I’m not over you. In fact – I love you more. “

Tears and Truth

Tears and truth mixed as I received Your word I fell to my knees as I heard the words I needed to hear soft and sincere life giving remedies to my soul’s cry or should I say soul-tie with one who needs my help feeling like I wasn’t built to accept the harshness of reality…


I was home…and you wasn’t near.


we are two deeply connected souls….

A Do-Over

God gives us a do-over at life, but how many of us actually accepts it?